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All's Well That Ends Well

Manning Manor is the site for the cast party. There are balloons. There is cheer. There is blissful conversation. Jessie finds Dimitri wandering amidst his happy disciples, and says that they want to do something, say something, give something to him, calls upon Tad to do the honours, and then gets stuck with it herself. Blah, great teacher, blah great experience, blah speech, blah rehearsals, blah kudos, blah. Yawn. Then they give him a director's chair with "Mr. Dimitri" written on the back. They call for a speech. Blah, he's speechless, blah thanks, blah. Great play, blah. Fantastic, blah. Proud of yourself, blah. More clapping and more partying. Rick wants to take a picture of the entire cast. Only Katie shows up, which causes Jessie to run upstairs to take off her costume.

Jessie's room. Katie follows her up the stairs, and by that time, Jessie had already changed. She throws the dress at Katie. And then she says, "This isn't how I am." Katie wants to know what Jessie means. Jessie doesn't want to be in a contest with Sarah for her friendship. And Katie says, "I choose you." She wants to be Jessie's friend and not Sarah's. Jessie doesn't want anyone to choose anyone. But Katie can't help herself; she's drawn to Jessie, she says, and holds out her hand. They touch; Jessie smiles, and says, "Listen to that rain." Huh? I'm just going to go with it.

Back in the kitchen, Dimitri pours himself some wine that looks suspiciously like water. Grace comes in from the back door. She's soaking wet, having been caught in the rain. Dimitri asks if she can keep a secret. He's helped himself to some of her parents' wine. Then, he steps forward and tells her she was incredible. Blah, she's an incredible person, blah he's a fraud, blah strange sexual chemistry, blah she's the real deal. He concludes, "And maybe I've been harsh on you, but that's because the world is harsh, Grace, and I want you to be ready for it." She looks away, and then back again, saying, "What do you mean? You're not a fraud." He smiles. Ah, he was impressed at her performance because she let everything inside her show. He's never been able to do that. He wants to know what made tonight so special. Grace says, "You. You made it different. What you said." Ah, more bonding, blah. Grace: "It doesn't have to be a secret. I don't think they'd mind. About the wine." Then she steps forward because she wants to taste his wine. From his cup. The teacher. The really hot, kind of freaky, hippie-like teacher. Grace, what's become of you? Dope one night, and wine the next? We might think you're becoming a normal teenager. Of course, before she can have a sip, Lily comes in to congratulate Mr. Dimitri on his success. Blah, wonderful job, blah. Then she feels her daughter's forehead because, well, she looks flushed, and wouldn't you be if you were about to drink some of your teacher's wine after he just told you how incredible he thought you were?

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Once and Again




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