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All's Well That Ends Well

The Play. Judy is there with Lily. The two of them are fiddling with some sort of candy apple. Who has candy apples at plays? Your fingers would get all sticky and there's no way you'd be able to finish one of them during intermission. Lily notices Karen, who has now attended all three performances of the play, and tells Judy that it's okay if she goes over and says hello. Lily goes off to find the two of them seats. Oops. Eli, who was standing out of Karen's line of sight, didn't know that his mother was going to be at the play, so he books right on out of there, despite his promises, and despite the fact that it would be worlds easier just to admit you got fired and tried to find another job, and despite the fact that less than twenty-four hours ago you sat up and told Grace to do the play just that one more time for you, you spineless creep. Grace comes into the auditorium holding her jacket. She finds her mother and asks if she's holding the seat for Eli. When she finds out it is for Judy, she puts her coat down so that Eli has somewhere to sit. Ah, young love -- and you thought you'd have no inspiration for your role, Grace. Little do you know.

Backstage. Sarah -- whose character Audrey is fittingly described as "a country wench" in my Shakespeare textbook -- notices that Jessie is wearing street clothes. She snits, "You're supposed to put on your costume first and then your makeup." Jessie smiles and nods. Then, Sarah notices that Jessie's wearing Katie's skirt. Jessie stands up for herself, saying she wasn't comfortable in "that other thing." Katie's skirt is comfortable, so that's what she's going to wear. The cast applauds. I guess everyone noticed that Sarah was giving Jessie a hard time. Sarah pounces off, then turns and barks, "Can you come here for a second?" They step outside. Blah, Katie's just going to use you, too, blah when she gets sick of you, blah, don't think that you're special, blah. Poor Jessie just looks kind of stunned.

Stage right. Grace looks out to see whether Eli actually showed up. Of course, there's still an empty coat sitting there. Of course, she's totally crushed. Jessie comes up beside Grace and says, "Are you okay?" Grace asks if Jessie left a barrette in her brother's room. Jessie replies that she doesn't wear barrettes. Of course, this makes Grace even more upset. Of course, she doesn't show it. The stage manager pushes Grace onstage because she almost missed her cue.

Grace wanders out, lovestruck, with tears in her eyes. Dimitri paces at the back of the auditorium. And finally, he gets his performance, as poor Grace pours all of her feelings about Eli into her lines about Orlando. And you know what? She doesn't suck, not even one little bit. Oh, Dimitri is so pleased, and when Grace says, "There is no truth in him," you know she's talking about Eli and not Orlando. My heart breaks for her. It really does.

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Once and Again




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