Once and Again
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All's Well That Ends Well

Morning, sunshine. Birds are singing outside. Light comes into the room that I thought had no windows. Huh. Eli wakes up Grace. She's a little confused. He slept on the floor. It's ten to seven, and Grace should probably get back into the house before "certain people" wake up. She asks him again if he's coming to the play tonight, and then she jauntily makes her way back to the main house.

Just in time, too, because Lily comes into the kitchen, makes a typical mom crack about her teenage daughter being up early, and then heads off to answer the doorbell. That's ringing. At seven in the morning. On a Saturday. Lily opens the door, and Katie is standing there with a large garment bag in her arms. "Hello?" Lily looks at Katie. She asks if Jessie is home. Okay, did anyone of your friends call on you at seven on a Saturday morning? For any reason other than maybe driving to summer camp? Who gets up that early? I mean, really. Lily calls to Jessie and then lets Katie into the house.

Upstairs in Jessie's attic abode, the two girls are fiddling with her ill-fitting costume again. Katie thinks the skirt really needs a belt, so she takes the one off of her waist and puts it on Jessie. They talk about how stressed Sarah has been lately. Blah, ulcer, blah. Then Katie wants to know why Jessie never talks about being anorexic. Jessie is taken aback for a minute, and then she tells Katie that she does talk about it with her therapist. She sits down on the bed and admits that talking to him actually helps. Katie waxes philosophical for minute; she wishes she had something wrong with her. Jessie: "Don't say that." Katie: "No. Really. Then it would show. There'd be this tangible proof of how weird I feel." Blah, teenage angst, blah. Yeah, but, man, it's hard having something wrong with you, Jessie thinks, because then everyone always knows how you feel and you can't hide anything. They bond. At seven o'clock. In the morning. Jessie looks at Katie and wishes she could wear something totally different in the play. Ah, Sarah is going to go mental; all of her attempts to trouble the pretty, talented and now friend-stealing Jessie are going to be foiled.

Den of Sin. Karen stands in the doorway, peering in at the place where her son sleeps, trying desperately to say something encouraging, only she can't find the words. She says, "It's nice." Eli explains he's been fixing it up, and then he throws a towel over his ashtray filled with roach clips and dope. Karen starts making excuses about why she dropped by, and picks up some of his clothes to hang them up on his rack. Eli seethes, and wishes his mother would stop meddling. He really wants to tell her the truth, but can't seem to get it out. Karen wants to make sure she's not bothering him. He says she can stop by whenever she wants. Then, he brings up the fact that Karen stopped by his workplace. And then he lies, and makes up some crap about how they changed the schedule, and says it all with such a deadpan attitude that you can tell Eli doesn't even believe what he's saying. Blah, night work, blah. He tells her he has to work tonight, and every night, all the nights from here until eternity. You know, eternity? When he's going to end up in hell for lying to his mother.

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Once and Again




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