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Hey, Niki, here's hoping you are having a kick-ass vacation. Thanks for letting me cover. I had a lot of fun. It's nice recapping a show that I actually like once in a while. Anything is better than The Craptice.

Backstage. Grace is doing breathing exercises. They are deep "who-who-who-who"-sounding breaths. She flips her hair back behind her neck and looks at her reflection in the mirror. Ah, opening night. It's always so damn stressful. The backstage of the school auditorium looks just like Fame. All the actors have their own individual dressing stations. Tad sprays some hairspray. Grace bitches for a minute. The credits roll underneath Grace as she grabs her costume. One girl says, "Break a leg." Sarah the Snark says, "Break two!" And when the other girl admonishes her for being so catty, Sarah barks, "I was only kidding."

Front of House. Jake stands against a wall as Zoe and Lily come up to him. Zoe grabs the program and starts looking for her sister's name. Inside the auditorium, Karen climbs over about eighteen people to get to her own seat.

Backstage. Mr. Dimitri holds a rolled-up cue sheet and taps it on a stage manager's head as he whispers, "Go." Twinkly music plays along in the background. The stage manager looks like he was one of the original cast members of Fame. He's that old. Dude, this school can hire professional stage managers to cue their performances? Sure. A red light flashes. More freaked-out teenagers flutter about with their costumes. Grace screams, "Is it zipped? Is it zipped?" A second stage manager whistles -- one of those great two-fingers-in-the-mouth kind of whistle that I could never ever learn how to do no matter how I tried.

Front of House. The house lights are down. Lily, Zoe, and Jake have all taken their places. Okay, two spotlights come up on stage where there are teenagers playing bongos. Yes. Bongos and Shakespeare. It's an original re-visioning of As You Like It. Ouch. Honestly, it's kind of pretentious. Shakespeare's rolling around and around in his grave. The stage lights come up on a set that sort of looks like a park. It's green. There are fake trees. I'm supposing this is the forest of Arden. Or at least that's what the Riverside Shakespeare tells me. The audience claps. Dimitri takes a deep breath. Damn, there are real stage lights coming up all over the place. How big a budget does the Drama department at this school have? This is one hell of an expensive production.

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