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There Be Dragons

It's night-time when the show opens, and the voices of Lily and Rick are coming to us from Rick's truck, which is parked under a tree. Lily's waxing ecstatic, saying that she "needed this." Rick gasps that he feels "so much closer to [her]," to which she replies that she "can't go very long without doing this." Oooh, naughty! Any bets as to what's going on inside that motorized den of iniquity? The camera zooms in on the truck and cuts to an interior shot where, lo and behold, the two are in the throes of passionately inhaling take-out burgers. Not at all what I expected. I had my money squarely on ice cream. Anyway, it seems Lily and Rick have officially taken their relationship to the next magical level -- he's discovered that she doesn't, in fact, "eat like a bird." As the two bond over their beef, Lily asks to hear a "Jessie story" and Rick proceeds to regale her with the tale of Jessie's latest book report, which she refused to write because the subject was The Diary of Anne Frank. After all, the plucky youngster reasoned, "Anne's diary was 'for her eyes only' and she'd be humiliated to know that it had been translated into thirty languages." Lily doesn't bother swallowing her mouthful of half-chewed food before exclaiming that Jessie "sounds totally adorable!" Rick says he wishes she could meet Jessie but Lily feels that it's too soon. Rick concocts a devious little plan whereby Lily can drop by his apartment the next morning, when he and Jessie will be preparing to leave on their annual autumn hike. She can use the pretense of returning a book so that the meeting won't seem like such a big deal.

Cut to Rick returning home, where he finds Jessie propped in front of the television even though it's after midnight. They indulge in some warm-and-fuzzy "it's way past your bedtime" banter while Rick throws her over his shoulder and carries her upstairs to bed. In case you missed it: Jessie is Daddy's Little Girl.

Meanwhile, Lily's at home in front of the bathroom mirror, looking thoughtful while she takes off her eye make-up.

B/W Lily pops in to muse about when to officially consider herself "middle-aged." According to her sister, "it's when you go from 'looking good' to 'looking good for your age.'" I'm tempted to mock it, but secretly, I know that when the time comes, that comment is going to sting like a thousand angry bees.

The phone interrupts her philosophizing. It's Jake, who's sitting on his couch bathed in the flickering glow of a television. He insincerely blows through an apology for calling so late and then informs her that Zoe has a cough. Waving around a set of chopsticks, he wants to know if it's a cold that's coming or going. Lily tells him where to find Zoe's decongestant.

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Once and Again




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