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The Sex Show

After the break, we join Rick and Sam at the office, where they're going over sketches. Sam's in the middle of a muse about hotels, and how they're synonymous with "sex." At the end, Rick sips his coffee and declares, "You are very sick." Sam thanks him. "Are you seeing Judy?" Rick asks abruptly. Sam throws down the papers and asks why Rick's always on him about that. "Because I always assume that you are," Rick answers. Sam says he isn't seeing Judy "in the Biblical sense," to which Rick responds with a dubious "ha." Sam insists that, given his "current state of immaturity, [they] just think it's the best thing not to sleep together." Rick mutters that he's shocked. Sam decides to turn up the heat under Rick's ass, and asks how things are with him and Lily. Rick folds his arms and says, "Who asked you?" Sam says that he did. "Well, I am not answering you," Rick says. After a pause, Sam laughs knowingly and says, "Okay." Rick realizes he just gave away too much, and scrambles to correct Sam's perception. Sam cuts him off to let him know he understands: "You get married to someone, and then suddenly they're not the person you want to chase anymore, and then somehow, and since you can't chase them, you can't want them in the same way anymore." Rick butts in to tell Sam he has it all wrong -- that he wants Lily, he just can't seem to have her lately. Sam absorbs this and "hmmm"s thoughtfully. "What?" Rick demands. Sam wrinkles his brow and says, "Now, which wife of Rick's does this remind me of?" He walks away, pretending to be deep in thought, and leaving Rick to pull faces.

Cut to Karen's place, where she and Jessie are getting ready for their respective nights out. Karen calls out to Jessie from the living room, and Jessie wanders in, blurting, "What are you wearing?" when she sees her mother. Karen is decked out in a royal blue lace shirt with matching bra. It has two of those stupid little waist straps that tie in the back. Jessie obligingly ties them while Karen tugs on her boots, asking, "What, I'm not allowed to look nice?" I think it's more that you're not allowed to go out looking like you raided one of those cut-price clothing stores that populate the basements of shopping malls. "I don't know if 'nice' is the word," Jessie teases. Karen tells her to "shut up and let [her] mother make a fool of herself once in a while." Jessie laughs and asks where Karen is going. Karen puts in an earring and says, "Uh, out with some friends." Jessie asks if it's a date. Karen quickly says she's "just going out with Judy, that's all." She adds, "You're the only one in the house going on a date." Jessie stops applying her lip gloss to tell Karen that "it's not a date." Karen puts up her hands for peace and teases, "Okay, okay, okay! A party -- excuse me! -- that he's taking you to." She gives Jessie a kiss while the kid protests. Karen tells her to be home by eleven. "Yes, ma'am. And when are you going to be home?" Jessie asks. Karen grabs her chin affectionately, saying, "You know what? I have no idea." She looks positively thrilled about it. The ass-pole must not be back from its Thanksgiving holiday yet.

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Once and Again




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