Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

"But you at least forgive him when he doesn't live up to your fantasies," Judy says. Lily doesn't turn her head, but casts her eyes sideways at Judy, obviously biting her tongue.

"He has this deep voice, and I can feel it through the seat," Soliloquy Lily sighs. She stiffens and says abruptly, "Never mind." She zips her lips and stares defiantly at the camera. She gives her head little shake.

At Booklovers, Lily is striding away, with Judy hot on her heels asking if everything is okay. "Yeah, of course. We're just having a little -- our first little...Judy, you know when you're dating, you're in love, and you see each other only three nights a week? You pretty much know when you're going to have sex," Lily explains. "And?" "And, when you move in together, there's all these things you have to work out. Like when are you going to have sex? Who initiates it? What happens when one person wants it and the other doesn't?" "Sounds like too much work," Judy frowns. Lily agrees. She confesses, "Last night, we were supposed to have sex --" "Wait, you were 'supposed to' have sex?" Judy asks. Lily doesn't dignify that, but continues, "I forgot. But I really think that I was avoiding it, and I'm not sure why." Judy asks if Lily's mad at Rick. She's not. Lily thinks about it, trying to find the words, and explains, "I guess I want something from him, you know, some energy that takes me out of the life stuff? And I feel like I'm always the one who has to make that happen, and it feels like...Jake and me. And that's scary. And I don't want to go down that same path again." Judy thinks it over for a second and then dispenses this little gem: "Well, tomorrow's a new night." She gives Lily an encouraging smile and walks out of the room, leaving Lily looking vulnerable and on the verge of tears.

Later that night, the Muzak jazz is slinking around the bedroom along with Lily, who's in a silk robe. She slips off the robe and stares at Rick, who's reading in bed. She crawls onto the bed like a cat, eyeing him suggestively. "Hey," he says softly, when she crawls up to his shoulder. She peeks at the book and kisses his cheek, moving down to his neck. Rick heaves a sigh and keeps reading. Lily looks up and tries again. "I love your profile," she whispers, trailing her fingertip down the slope of his nose and tracing his lips. "You do? What do you think about my profile?" he mutters distractedly. She purrs that it's beautiful and bats her eyes at him, waiting for him to look up at her. He finally does, but it's only to ask, "What?" Rebuffed, she rolls her eyes and grits, "What a great profile you have." Rick glances back at his book and pleads for just one more second. He holds up his finger and thumb to show her how little text he has left to read. She stares at him in disbelief. "It's okay," she huffs. He promises he'll "be done in two seconds." She repeats that it's okay, already retreating under the duvet. Rick skims the rest of his page, his lips moving as he reads (I swear), and then marks his page with an "okay." He turns his attention to Lily, who's doing her best impression of a fish stick, just lying there. As soon as he moves toward her, she silently rolls over to show him her back. Youch. "I told you it would just be a few seconds," he says softly, pressing his lips to her shoulder. "It's okay," she says flatly. She pulls out the "tired" excuse again, and he asks, "You're really tired?" She mutters that she is, and he says, "Go to sleep, then." "Okay," she says, and clicks off her lamp. He gives her a quick peck, and she returns it. He retreats to his side of the bed, casting a second, questioning glance at her back. She stares straight ahead, gnashing her teeth and wanting to shove his book into a painfully tight orifice. We head to commercials, and not a moment too soon.

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Once and Again




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