Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

Cut to Jessie sitting in a French lab. Katie plops into a chair next to her and whispers, "Tad really likes you!" Jessie laughs shyly and pulls off her headphones. "He likes new people every week," Katie adds. She realizes she sounds like an asshole and quickly puts her hand on Jessie's saying, "Not to diminish his liking of you." Jessie smiles. Katie leans forward and asks if she can ask Jessie something: "Do you feel like you fit anywhere in this school?" Jessie stares at her for a second, struggling to comprehend how this question just came out of her mouth. Katie acts embarrassed and says, "Was that a totally weird question to ask? I think that was a totally weird question to ask." Jessie says it wasn't, and sighs, "I don't know." After a second, she says, "No, the answer is definitely not." She and Katie chuckle. Katie says, "I don't know why I felt like I could ask that. Maybe because I felt like I knew the answer." Jessie looks at her admiringly for a moment and says, "You totally fit at this school." Katie laughs it off, saying, "You don't even know me." Jessie says she sees her around, "talking to, like, a hundred different people." Katie clarifies, "A hundred different people always talk to me." They're interrupted by the French teacher, who asks if Katie is interrupting "Miss Sammler." Katie sweetly says she is and, with a smile, takes off. Jessie looks down, embarrassed. She looks up when she knows it's safe, and watches Katie walk away.

Cut to Booklovers, where Judy is adding Polaroids of some new singles to the board. Lily pops her head around the board and asks, "When did you do this?" She draws her head back, so we can see she's referring to the Erotica section. Judy teases, "Just before I got indicted for transporting minors across state lines for immoral purposes." Lily runs her hand over the spines, saying they're beautiful books, and she "could use some of them, apparently." She follows Judy over to a couch and flings her purse down onto it. Judy asks what's wrong, and Lily sighs that nothing is. Sinking into a chair, she reveals, "I need to embrace my inner pornographer." "Whoa, nice work if you can get it," Judy says. Lily asks whether men secretly want women to be like the ones they see in magazines. "I think half of them would die of fright if we were," Judy smiles. "Lily, it's fantasy. Don't you have fantasies?" Lily turns her head away, musing, "I guess."

"Fantasies?" Soliloquy Lily laughs. She covers her mouth but can't hide her smile. She reminisces about one she used to have, which involved sitting on an airplane, and this man gets on...

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Once and Again




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