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The Sex Show

After the break, we're in the kitchen of Manning Manor. Jessie and Grace are at the breakfast table when Eli stumbles in, half asleep. "Good morning, Eli," Grace chirps. "Do you need any reading materials?" Jessie asks sweetly. "Excuse me?" Eli says, totally not getting it. Lily smiles indulgently from the corner. "Well, we wouldn't want to deprive you of stimulation," Grace smirks. Jessie sniggers, and Eli asks what they're talking about. Jessie hands a fashion magazine to Grace, and the two start commenting on the girls in it, asking Eli's opinion. "Did I miss something?" he asks Lily. Lily shoots the girls a pointed look and says, "Grace and Jessie are going to be missing something if they don't get their rear ends out of here." The girls are too busy squealing and giggling over the magazine to notice. They finally find a spread with a naked girl draped face-first over something. Grace asks if Eli likes her "bah-day," and Jessie shrieks, "She's really built!" They scream with laughter and run out as Eli grabs the magazine from them. He looks at the picture, disappointed at its relative tameness, and mumbles, "What the heck was that about?" Lily says, "They're just acting like teenage girls." Eli's already forgotten it, and walks out of the kitchen. Rick pours himself a coffee and takes a seat at the counter with an amused grin. "I thought you were going to talk to him," Lily nags. Rick asks what there is to talk about. "It's weird having those magazines in my house," Lily complains. Rick wants to know if Eli's supposed to look at them in the street. Lily tsks and whines that it's "just about the girls." Rick flips through the paper and says that Eli didn't leave them out for Jessie and Grace to see. Lily says Rick has "no idea what kind of pressure girls are under today." Rick puts down the paper and insists, "I am not going to make this boy feel guilty about his sexuality." Oh my god, yet another "Go Rick." This is a record or something. Lily asks, "Does he know those girls don't really look like that? [whispering] They're all airbrushed." Rick assures her that Eli understands. "Do you?" she demands. Rick gives her a saucy look and says, "Sometimes." Lily tsks again, and says, "Boys. You probably buy those magazines yourself." Rick gives her an even cheekier look and teases, "Wouldn't you like to know." He gets up to come around behind her, as she says she'd hate to think he "had someone else in mind besides" her. Rick kisses the top of her head and assures her that she's "more than enough" for him. He swats her ass with the newspaper for emphasis.

Meanwhile, someone's threatening to knock the door down at Judy's. She finds a smiling Sam standing there with a bag of take-out. She thanks him for bringing lunch as he drops the bag on the table and surveys the place like he's forgotten what it looks like. Fade to the two of them at her living-room table, munching subs and bantering back and forth about some game they both played as kids. Sam refuses to believe that she ever played "Camelot" because no chicks ever played it. Judy says she "had an older brother," and challenges Sam by promising that she could kick his ass. He insists that she doesn't know how to play, and he's "going to find that game and show [her]!" He wags his finger menacingly. Judy imitates the finger wave and mocks, "Oh yeah? What are you going to show me?" They posture a bit more, until Sam's eyes soften and he reaches a finger toward her mouth, saying, "You have a little...you have some hot..." He moves in as if to kiss it away, but Judy pulls out of reach with a playful look. "You've got to be kidding," he says. "Sorry," she says, not sounding sorry at all. "We have to be able to kiss," he insists. She wants to know why. "Because the energy required not to kiss you could just be too great," Sam smarms. Judy's wearing her Teflon undies, though, and his shtick bounces right off. "That's so sweet," she says, nonchalantly. He tries to argue that "kissing is inconsequential," but Judy says that if she kissed Sam, she wouldn't be able to stop. He thinks about this for a second, then asks, "Who came up with this idea, anyway?" Judy smiles, pleased with herself, and takes a big bite of her sub.

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Once and Again




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