Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

"Fantasies?" Soliloquy Rick asks. He stammers self-consciously for a second and then says that he fantasizes about Lily. "I do!" he insists. How sad is it that a guy feels like he has to defend fantasizing about his wife?

Cut to Rick in bed, peeking from behind his biography of John Adams. The Muzak jazz kicks up again as the camera follows his gaze to the bathroom, where we can see Lily through a filmy curtain. Silhouetted, she removes her shirt. Rick stares and swallows hard.

Soliloquy Rick continues, "It started when we were first dating, and she, uh, decided to stop seeing me. Apparently, I can only fantasize about women I can't have." Is this the part where I'm supposed to roll my eyes and say, "Just like all men"?

Lily climbs into bed in her t-shirt, complaining that she's "so tired" and wondering if Rick thinks there could be something wrong with her. "Definitely," Dr. Rick purrs, moving closer for an examination. Lily flops back on the pillow, muttering, "Maybe I'm anemic." She closes her eyes and sighs with exhaustion. Rick props himself on an elbow and stares down at her, waiting for her eyes to open. When they don't, he starts kissing her neck. Lily groans appreciatively for a second, but then bolts upright, blurting, "Oh my God!" in a pissed voice. She's just remembered that she's supposed to call the mom of one of Zoe's friends. She clicks on the lamp and starts rummaging through the bedside table for the phone number, while Rick bites his lip against the throbbing pain in his groin.

Soliloquy Rick continues, "It's just a picture, really. She's wearing this shirt she had then, with nothing else on, and she's looking at me."

Lily slams the drawer shut, remembering that the number is downstairs. She pops out of bed, thinks twice about the long trek to the kitchen, and decides she'll take care of it in the morning. She crawls back into bed, where Rick is still looking at her, silently begging. "What?" she asks. "Nothing," he says.

Soliloquy Rick: "It's just this look on her face. Like she is going to change my world -- turn it upside down -- and all I have to do is sit back and enjoy it."

Yeah, well, keep dreaming pal, because it's clearly not happening tonight. Eyes closed, Lily mutters that she should join a gym. She yawns, adding that she's been "so tired lately." Rick strokes her jaw affectionately, still holding out hope. Lily rubs her face and sighs. Rick finally concedes defeat with a disappointed little "oh." Lily looks over and groans, "Oh, honey." Rick assures her that it's okay. "Oh, is it? Thank you," she says quickly, already closing her eyes. She pops her eyes open and looks at him again, offering, "I mean, if you just want to..." Rick quickly says, "No, no, no." She thanks him again and repeats that she's so tired she doesn't even think she could say goodnight. Rick points out that she just did. Rolling over, Lily chuckles and says, "Yeah, I guess I did." She rolls back to give him a quick kiss and then moves to her side of the bed. Rick shuts off the light, kicking himself for putting Eli's mag back in the recycling bin. It's going to be a long night.

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Once and Again




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