Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

Cut to Rick and Sam at an outdoor newsstand, perusing magazines. They're still talking about Sam's parking-garage tryst with Sondra. "So she just asked you to come down to her car like that, with no excuses?" Rick asks. He sops up his drool with a couple of french fries. "Isn't this younger generation brazen?" Sam asks with mock disapproval. Rick mutters that he'd "sure like to be seduced like that." Sam says he thought Lily and Rick were still all over each other. Rick stammers, "We are. We were. We still are, sort of, I guess." Sam pulls out a magazine and flatly implies they're in a lull because they're married. Rick insists that marriage has nothing to do with it. Sam throws his head back, opens his mouth wide, and lets loose an overly hearty chuckle. Where's a pigeon when you need one? Rick tells Sam to shut up. Multiple times. He then changes the subject back to Sam's vehicular rendezvous, saying, "So, you get back to the car, and then what, exactly, happens?" "What, are you a degenerate, or something?" Sam wants to know. He points Rick toward the porn section to satisfy his needs. Rick says he'll "get in trouble" for reading that stuff, but he can't help glancing in its general direction.

"Judy!" Rick exclaims. Sam freezes, and slowly turns his head. There's Judy, all right, browsing through the magazines. Apparently, her own bookstore doesn't sell them or something. Sam smiles and walks over to talk to her, looking a little awkward. He says, "I wasn't supposed to call you, so I didn't." He quickly adds that he wanted to. Judy stammers that she understands. After a second, he asks how she is. She smiles and says that she's "tired of answering that question." He says he's tired of asking it. Sam tries to work up his nerve, and finally gets around to saying, "We don't belong together. That's fine. However, um...I think about you a lot. And I've been deluding myself, maybe, into thinking that you think about me, too, just a little bit." Judy grudgingly confesses, "Occasionally." Sam stammers around, asking if there's maybe a way they could "put [their] eyes on one another, without being together, so there isn't a complete blackout. You know, middle ground." Judy surveys his face and says she doesn't know what he means. He simplifies: "Friends." After a pause, he adds, "Friends who are, unfortunately, very very attracted to each other." Judy mulls it over, acting overly standoffish, and finally says she could "you know, think about that." Sam says he'll call her, but that he'll make sure that she's not home so she doesn't have to talk to him, and can decide if she wants to call him back. Judy smiles, giving him the goo eyes. Sam smiles and cocks his head, looking very pleased with himself. Rick, who's been watching them intently while munching his fries, quickly looks back at the magazines. The dirty little voyeur can't help glancing again, though.

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Once and Again




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