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The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

Soliloquy Karen says, "In the beginning, Rick thought I was less interested in sex than he was, which was totally untrue. I was just...less comfortable, that's all. Later, of course, he got less interested in sex than I was."

Karen slips her book back onto the shelf, saying, "Well, we're a puritanical country, aren't we?" Judy smiles and says they've "got all kinds of guilt: Protestant, Catholic, Jewish. We're very ecumenical." Karen glances at the shelf and says that Leo would love it: "He didn't know the meaning of the word [sic] 'sexual guilt.'" Judy smiles, "Good for Leo." Karen actually smiles, too, and jokes, "Yeah, good for me, too." Judy asks whether Karen has seen him lately. Karen sadly says that she hasn't in more than a year.

"The more you have, the more you want. The less you have, the less...you think about it," Soliloquy Karen philosophizes. It's called a vibrator, Karen. Look into it.

Soliloquy Judy is exactly the opposite. She says, "I think I'm kind of like a guy about sex. Like, if a certain amount of time goes by without it, I start to go crazy." It's called a vibrator, Judy. Look into it.

Back at the bookstore, Judy gives Karen an appraising smile and a "hmmm." "What?" Karen asks. Judy takes her by the arm and says that Karen should come out with her some time. Judy says she knows a great place. Karen stops and holds up her arms, protesting, "Not like a bar." Judy says it's not unlike a bar. Karen says, "Just the thought of meeting someone in a place like that..." Judy offers a snippet of perspective: "Karen, it's not a crack house." Judy promises they'll just get dressed up, have a drink, and do some dancing. "Oh, female bonding ritual," Karen says, warming to the idea. "Exactly," Judy assures her, promising, "We'll stop off at the crack house on the way home." Their laughter carries us into commercials.

Jessie's up on the Stool when we return. "Kids talk about sex all the time," she says with a shrug, adding, "Truthfully, I still think it's gross." Which, I'd like to say, is not all that strange, considering she's fourteen.

Cut to Jessie walking down the hallway at school. Tad races to catch up to her as she reaches her locker. Lamely, he tells her that she looks really good in her costume. Jessie complains that it doesn't even fit her, and that the dress rehearsal is in three days. "At least you know your lines," Tad says. He's promptly attacked by some girl who flings herself onto his back. Apparently, he knows her. Tad introduces the girl, Katie, who's got a total Heather Graham vibe happening. Katie hangs off Tad's shoulder and tells Jessie that she was incredible in rehearsal the day before. Jessie's not quite sure what to make of this monkey girl, but thanks her anyway. Katie says that Jessie should be in a band. She shoves Tad's shoulder and asks, "So, can she come over Saturday?" Tad grits his teeth and mutters that he hasn't asked yet. He shoves Katie, and she pushes him back. They start play-wrestling as Katie tells Jessie that some people are coming to her place Saturday night. She squeals that Tad wanted to ask Jessie to come, but that he wasn't sure she had fun at the last party. Tad ends his humiliation by cutting Katie off to ask Jessie if she wants to come. He adds that Katie's house is disgusting. Katie shoves him out of the way to protest that her house is "very tasteful." Tad offers to pick Jessie up, and she stammers her agreement. Tad and Katie both say "cool," and then take off down the hall. Slightly overwhelmed, Jessie watches as Katie throws herself onto Tad's back again, and he piggybacks her around the corner. With any luck, they'll run into a wall of Ritalin.

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Once and Again




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