Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

Soliloquy Lily purrs, "Sex? Oh, sex is incredibly...[sucking in her breath] when you're having it. It's usually not enough, because you have to make it happen. Who wants to make sex happen?" I'm assuming that's a rhetorical question, so we'll just move along.

Rick pulls Lily in for a kiss, as some Muzak jazz kicks up. Because nothing stirs the passions like elevator music. "I miss you," he sighs. "You do?" she asks. She says they'll have to do something about it. "Soon, I hope," Rick whispers. They glance toward their brood in the kitchen.

Soliloquy Lily, arms folded, declares, "It's supposed to just be there, because two people are so incredibly attracted to each other." Sheeyah. Reality, this is Lily. Lily, Reality.

Soliloquy Rick weighs in with this bold statement: "Sex? I'm in favor of it."

Cut to Rick rifling through a bookshelf at his office. Sam saunters in, and Rick asks how his lunch with Sondra went. And by "lunch," he means...well, you know what he means. Sam slimes that they had lunch and then went to sit in her car in the parking garage. Classy. Grinning like a fratboy, he informs Rick that "Sondra is a very verbal girl. We had a very verbal...exchange." Rick takes the words right out of my mouth, informing Sam that he hates him. He wonders what he's supposed to say if Judy asks him what's happening with Sam. Sam assures Rick that Judy won't ask after him, "because she's not feeling too charitable towards [him] at the moment." Rick asks why not. Sam says Judy knows what he's up to. "Does it bother you to be a cliché?" Rick asks. Go Rick! Sam says he "prefers to think of [himself] as an archetype acting out [his] deeply embedded instinctive imperative --" "To be an ass?" Rick demands. I'd add another "go Rick" here, but that would probably throw the cosmos out of alignment or something. The fact that Rick's been on-screen for two scenes in a row is enough to wreak some serious havoc. Sam sarcastically runs through a few psychological explanations for his caddish behavior, and dismisses each of them in turn, finally landing on the explanation that what he's doing "feels good." He says he hasn't felt this good in ten years, and he doesn't know why he has to stop, "except that it disturbs the universe of every married person [he] know[s]." Not to mention the stomach contents of everyone who has to listen to his braying. Rick gives him a contemptuous look and walks away.

Cut to Booklovers, where Karen is furtively flipping through a title in the Erotica section. Judy startles her with a "hello," and Karen guiltily slams the book closed and clutches it to her chest. "What is this?" Karen whispers, pointing toward the shelf with a naughty expression. Judy smiles wryly and says that she's supporting the First Amendment, and besides, it's fun to watch people skulking around the shelf as if "no one else is fascinated by sex."

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Once and Again




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