Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

Cut to Jessie at school. She hovers in the doorway of the French lab for a second, then gathers her nerve and goes in. Katie's there alone, listening to a lesson. She pulls off her headphones when she sees Jessie there, and asks whether Tad has found her yet. Jessie says no, and Katie says that he wanted to apologize for the octopus impersonation the other night. Jessie chuckles uncomfortably, and Katie smiles, saying, "Guys are so weird. They strut around like they're so tough, but half the time, they're just chickens. You know I had to beat him up to ask you out again?" Jessie looks intrigued. Katie rolls her eyes and says, "I should have saved us both the trouble." Jessie quickly says that Katie didn't know her then. Katie stares at Jessie and says, "I knew he liked you. That was enough." Jessie drops her eyes from Katie's gaze. Katie looks her up and down, slowly. Jessie glances back up at her, then away again quickly. She fiddles with her earlobe for a second, then shyly says, "Bye." Katie smiles and says goodbye. She puts the headphones on again, as Jessie lingers for a second, looking at her.

Over at Manning Manor, Rick and Eli nearly plow each other over at the back door. Rick's heading in, and Eli's heading out. In passing, Eli says he won't be late again. Rick registers it, then quickly asks if he can ask Eli something. Eli hangs back, and Rick stammers, "Do you buy those, uh...uh, dirty...uh, girlie, you know, men's magazines?" "Yeah, you wanna borrow one?" Eli answers, matter-of-factly. Oh, boy, does he! Rick denies it, though, and says it's just that he -- uh, Lily -- uh found one in the recycling bin. Eli gets it, muttering that he thought he'd hid it so well. Rick claps him on the shoulder, looks him in the eye, and says, "E, just hide it better next time." "Okay," Eli says, and heads on his way. Rick closes the door and heads into the house.

Rick finds Lily in the living room, curled up in an armchair, reading. "Come here," she whispers hoarsely. He takes a seat on the ottoman, and she leans forward and grabs his shirt. "I love having sex with you," she states. Rick's face melts with relief. "You do?" he says. Duh. He kisses her hand. He asks what's going on, then. Lily says she doesn't know, that she "get[s] so scared when [she] feels [him] pull away." Rick repeats the statement, raising his eyebrows questioningly. Lily says sometimes she feels like he doesn't even see her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," Rick says. "When you feel me pull away from you?" He insists that she pulled away from him. She denies it instantly. She can't believe he thinks that she pulled away from him. "It's like, I come to bed, and you don't even see me," he says. They breathe out, realizing that each has been feeling the same way. Lily asks, "Is there something you're not getting?" Rick mulls it over but doesn't answer, and instead throws the question back to Lily, the big wimp. She at least has the balls to answer that there might be. Rick then feels it's safe to admit that he might be missing something, too. They ask one another why they never said anything. Lily answers, "Because, how could I say anything about something that seems so small in the grand scheme of things?" They try to get out of one another what it is they're missing. Neither one wants to say it. Jesus, no wonder their sex life's all fucked up. Lily finally strikes a bargain, saying, "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours." Rick stares at her for a second, then leans forward, taking her hands. He shares his fantasy about her being the one to make it happen, to strut into the room and have a certain look on her face, like she knows that she's "the sexiest woman in the world, and there's no possibility of [his] resisting. And that [she] is just going to treat [him] like a king. Like a naughty king." Lily laughs wide and hard. "Why are you laughing at me? That's mean!" Rick protests. She says, "You idiot! That's what I want!" She explains that she wants him to sweep her off her feet with "those incredibly sexy arms." He whispers, "I can do that." They kiss. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Rick pulls back to ask if it won't be a problem since they both want the other to make it happen. Lily says they should make a schedule (I have to believe she's kidding), and that he should go first. Rick ponders it for a second and then scoops her up out of the chair. He carries her, over her mild protests, up the stairs. The credits roll before we get to see any action, of course. Sex show, my ass.

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Once and Again




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