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The Sex Show

When we return from the break, it's the next morning. We join Sam and Judy in her kitchen, munching bagels and teasing one another about how much they talk. Both of them complain they can't get a word in edgewise. You don't have to tell me -- they should try recapping one another. After a chuckle and a lull, Judy leans forward and says, "Tell me about the rabbits, George." Sam grows solemn for once, sighs, and restates their situation: they can't be together in a relationship, so they can't be together sexually, but they "can't be apart because...well, [they're] idiots." Judy agrees. I agree. My cat agrees. The camera zeroes in on Sam's hands spooning heaps of ooey gooey jam on his bagel, while they continue to gripe about their predicament. "How long can we do this?" Judy wonders. Sam says a day, day and a half. Judy says maybe two. Sam dubiously says they might make three. Judy defiantly says it could be a week. "Well, miracles are possible," Sam says, holding the dripping bagel up to Judy's mouth. She slowly parts her lips and sinks her teeth into it, which I guess is meant to be seductive, or something. I've never gotten the whole food-as-sex thing, so don't go by me. She ends up with a dab of jam on her lip, and Sam stares at it. He gently wipes it away with a finger, pleading, "You have to let me kiss you." Judy slowly shakes her head, loving his desperation. Sam tells her she's "a mean person; just mean through and through." Judy agrees and chomps on the bagel again, grinning at her bad bad self.

Cut to Karen's bedroom. Jessie cautiously enters the room and asks whether Karen is up. Karen murmurs a sleepy response. "'Cause, it's eleven," Jessie says slowly, not sure what's going on. Karen emerges from under the duvet, groaning and rubbing her face. Jessie plops on the bed, and Karen asks if she had a good time last night. Jessie says, "Yeah, I guess." Karen asks what that means. Jessie rephrases: "Yeah, I had a good time." Jessie throws herself backward on the bed and stares up at the ceiling. Karen wants to know if something happened. Jessie doesn't answer. The ass-pole shakes off its hangover and gets down to business. Karen asks again, more urgently, if something happened. Jessie pulls herself to a sitting position, complaining, "Mom, why do you have to make such a big deal about this?" Karen really starts winding up, shrilling, "Honey, if somebody did something..." Jessie sighs and admits, "He kissed me, okay?" Karen breathes, finally, and shifts into a lower gear as she absorbs the news. She finally peels back the blanket and takes a seat next to Jessie, asking how she feels about the kiss. Flatly, Jessie says she feels fine about it. Karen gets up to put on her robe and tells Jessie that she can't let anyone pressure her. Jessie cuts her off with a bored reminder that "they've drilled that into us since the third grade." Karen asks what's going on, then. Jessie looks up at her and says, uncertainly, "I'm supposed to want to, aren't I?" Karen's face softens, and she considers it for a second before rolling her eyes and sighing, "That's a really tough question, isn't it?" Jessie fights the tears and doesn't say anything. Karen says Jessie will know when she's ready. Jessie asks if she's just a freak. "Come here," Karen says, as she envelops Jessie in a hug. "If you're a freak, then I'm really worried about the rest of the world," she says in Jessie's ear. Awww. Jessie has a good cry. Karen strokes her hair and tells her that she has to believe in herself: "You're amazing. You've got so much going for you, and when the time is right, this will go for you, too." Jessie notices that Karen is crying, and asks, "Mom?" Karen wipes her eyes and assures her it's okay: "Moms have to cry sometimes." Jessie pulls back to look at Karen's face, and asks if she had a good time last night. Karen wipes her eyes and sniffles, "It was boring." Jessie asks if she met anybody. Karen chuckles ruefully and answers, "Nobody worth bringing home to you." She smiles into Jessie's eyes and pulls her in for another hug.

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Once and Again




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