Once and Again
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The Sex Show

Back at Manning Manor, the camera pans around the darkened bedroom, accompanied by a whole lot of rustling, heavy breathing, and muted instructions. Lily finally says, "Hold on." The camera finds their frustrated faces, as each of them sighs. Rick asks if everything is okay. Lily looks straight up and says, "I just, I just feel like you're, um..." "What?" Rick prods. "Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but it's just...sometimes it doesn't work that way." Offended, Rick says he's not trying to do anything. Lily finally looks at him, saying, a little condescendingly, "It doesn't have to be a goal, Rick." He asks if she'd rather that he didn't pay attention to her. "But you're not paying attention to me now! You're worried about the outcome," she complains. Rick sighs and flops on his back, muttering, "I can't do anything right, can I?" Lily looks over at him and softens. "Rick, I'm not saying that. I just want to be with you," she says. "So be with me. I'm right here," he says. She argues that he isn't; he's a million miles away. She says she doesn't understand what's going on. "I don't know what you want, Lil. I really don't know what you're complaining about," he says. Lily insists she's not complaining. He asks why she stopped, then. Lily says that she didn't stop to complain. Rick shakes his head and looks up at the ceiling, sighing in frustration. She follows suit and does him one better, sitting up and demanding, "God, do you have to make everything so complicated? We're alone one night in a month. I don't know why it has to turn out like this." Hmmm, maybe because you stopped midway to insult him? Not exactly a mood enhancer.

Judy and Sam, meanwhile, are having one of those night-long conversations. "A Wrinkle in Time," she says. He says he "used to think it was a book about Albert Einstein falling asleep in his clothes." Judy laughs and says that's because he's stupid. He agrees that he's "deeply stupid." No arguments here. They look at one another for a long moment, until Judy changes the subject and asks whether Sam's older brother used to beat him up. Sam answers that the beatings only lasted until he turned fifteen and grew big enough for revenge. "Is this permissible, to talk all night long?" he asks. Judy says, "I think it's kind of remarkable." I think that's kind of sad. That it's an unusual experience for them, I mean.

Cut to Lily. She rolls over in her sleep and puts her hand where Rick's face would be. Why do people on TV always do this? And how come they never show it when the person is actually there to get clocked in the head? Anyway, Rick is, of course, not there, so Lily wakes up. She puts on her robe and creeps to the stairs, where the glow of the TV can be seen in the living room. Rick's watching a news report on the Middle East and the War on Terrorism. Lily listens for a second, and looks disgusted that he had the nerve to leave their bed. Well, he couldn't very well jerk it right next to her, now, could he?

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Once and Again




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