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The Sex Show

At the club, Karen returns from the ladies' room to ask Judy if she got her credit card back. Judy looks up from signing her slip to fake that she hasn't yet. Karen says she'll wait for her, but Judy quickly says that BritSnot can walk Karen to her car. Karen's not thrilled with the idea, but BritSnot is all over it. Judy kisses his cheek goodnight and pointedly says she hopes to see him again. She must be loaded. She kisses Karen's cheek and whispers, "And you, darlin', call me tomorrow." Karen glowers and promises, "Yes, I shall." Judy smiles as she sends her friend off with a virtual stranger. She turns back to the club, and her eyes register surprise as she spots Sam sucking back a few at the bar. She sidles over and leans her elbows on the bar next to him, growling, "Hey sailor, what brings you to a place like this?" Sam turns, happy to see her, and says he was going to ask her the same thing. They grin at one another.

Karen, meanwhile, is doing that awkward walk through the parking lot, pretending to be interested in what BritSnot is talking about. Some crap about winter in Chicago, and how cold it is. She says no one in Chicago likes winter. "Are you sure? Have you taken a poll?" he asks. She says she hasn't. He laughs, and she realizes he was kidding. She's embarrassed -- not by his lame-ass humor, but because she missed the joke. She apologizes for being such bad company, but he interrupts to insist that she's great to be with. They reach her car, and he asks if she would like to get a cup of coffee somewhere. She hedges, saying she really should get home. He says, "Of course," but adds, "You know, you could be getting home a half-hour later, and it wouldn't be so bad." Karen stares into his eyes and stammers that she knows. He touches her chin, then leans down and starts kissing her. The ass-pole passed out, like, ten minutes ago, so Karen's on her own. She kisses him back. When they stop, he breathes, "You are absolutely the most beautiful public-interest lawyer in Chicago." "I have to go home," she responds.

Over at Manning Manor, Lily and Rick are in bed. He's still reading about dead presidents, and she's busy doing some kind of paperwork. She sets it aside, clicks off her lamp, and settles into bed. She reaches over and laces her fingers through his. Rick looks at their hands for a second, then slides toward her to kiss her neck. Lily lies there, staring up at the ceiling and absently rubbing his arm.

Cut to another bed, as the camera pans up a rumpled duvet. Karen's clutching it to her chest, looking regretfully at the guy sleeping next to her. Ick! She went home with BritSnot! Fade to Karen creeping out of the room, wrapped in a sheet and carrying her clothes. She stands outside the room, and glances back once, as if to confirm that it really happened. She stands there, looking shocked and ashamed. A second later, we cut to her closing his front door behind her, in the gray hours of the wee morning. She finishes pulling on her coat, and a car honks. Karen covers herself as if she's naked, and flinches. She then makes a mad dash off the porch.

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Once and Again




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