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The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

Meanwhile, the scene is pretty different in Marriedville. Lily's cuddled up to Rick on the couch, eating pizza squares and watching what appears to be Legends of the Fall. We get a quick flash of Brad Pitt on the screen, and Lily murmurs something about him being cute. Rick mutters that he has a crush on him, and Lily tells him to shut up. Rick glances down and asks whether Lily's almost finished eating. She asks why. "Because I'd really rather move upstairs," he says. She asks why. "Because then you wouldn't be cutting off the circulation to half my body," he says. "Oh, really," she grits, straightening up and tickling his gut. He tickles her back and starts trying to feed the pizza to her. Lily's laughing quickly stops. "Stop it, stop it, stop it!" she snaps. She shoves away his arm, muttering, "You'll mess up the couch." She turns her attention back to Mr. Pitt and snuggles into Rick's armpit again. Rick grunts and weasels his arm out from under her. She asks if he's okay. He doesn't take his eyes of the TV, but murmurs, "Sure. Yeah." Lily picks up a pepperoni and sadly looks at Rick.

Back at the club, BritSnot has taken a table with Judy and Karen. He asks, "Is she, like, the most beautiful public-interest lawyer in Chicago?" Karen gives him an "oh please," glances at Judy, and says she has to be going home. Judy mockingly warns BritSnot not to compliment Karen, and Karen leans across the table to plead that she is really, really tired. They urge her to have one more drink. The ass-pole hiccups, and Karen rolls her eyes and relents with a smile. The ass-pole belches and groggily tries to nudge Karen. She tells them that she's leaving right after the next drink. "Oh, yes ma'am!" they tease.

Over at the party, Jessie's with Tad, asking where everybody is. He flips the stereo from cheesy pop to super-deluxe cheesy pop, and follows her over to the sofa. Jessie keeps her arms folded tightly and moves over to a shelf of knickknacks rather than sit next to him. He asks if she wants to sit, patting the cushion next to him. She plunks herself on the far end of the couch. "Jess, you know I really like you, right?" he asks. He slides closer and moves a finger through her hair. Eww, he's like those guys in the date-rape movies they show in girls' Phys Ed. Jessie seems to agree with my assessment; she clenches and says she likes him, too. Tad moves closer, slipping his arm along the couch behind her and cornering her against the seat back. Jesus, I'm claustrophobic just watching his bad moves. He kisses her, pushing her back into the couch. Jessie tells him to wait. He doesn't. She pushes him and protests, "Tad, wait!" "Hey!" Katie says from the doorway. Tad jumps away from Jessie, and Katie gives him a knowing stare. She says they're "making a food run. Jess, want to come?" Jessie almost pees her pants with relief and can't jump off the couch fast enough. Katie shoots Tad a snide look, and says, "Why don't you get a life while we're gone?"

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Once and Again




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