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The Sex Show

"Bye," Grace calls to Lily as she tugs on her coat. Lily looks up from the living room to ask where she's going. "To Lynn Sterpoli's," Grace answers. Lily asks if "Lynn Sterpoli's parents" are going to be there. Grace sighs, rolls her eyes, and snarks, "No, they're in prison." Lily starts to ask what time Grace will be home, but Grace cuts her off with "Eleven," before Lily can finish. The little snot then grabs her purse and sails out the door. Lily wanders over to the couch and sinks into it with a luxurious sigh. "Listen," she says to Rick. He doesn't hear anything. "Silence," she says, rhyming off where each of the kids is. "We're free," she concludes. Rick doesn't look up from his book as he asks, "And what should we do about this strange occurrence?" "Something illicit," Lily hisses seductively. Rick looks up from his book.

Cut to a crowded club, where Judy is guiding Karen through a sea of young, leather-clad urbanites. The ass-pole seems to have caught up with them on the way to the bar; it's well-rested and ready to get back to work. "Is it me, or have these places gotten louder?" Karen asks, jamming a finger into one ear. Judy teases her by pretending to be deaf. Karen complains that "everyone looks like they're fifteen!" A guy backs into them in front of the bar. He apologizes and asks, in a crisp English accent, "Is it just me, or is everyone in this room fifteen?" Judy can't believe the coincidence, smiling widely and saying Karen just said the same thing. He looks at her like she's simple and says he knows; he heard her. Judy giggles. I don't like Bar Judy. He surveys the room, griping that it "used to be a nice, boring old mutual-fund crowd." Judy asks what it is now. "The end of civilization? I don't know," he says. Oh, he's sooo superior. So why is he there? He asks Judy, "Does your friend speak, or does she have a medical condition?" Judy elbows Karen, who stammers, "Oh, I, I, I can speak." "And very well, too," BritSnot says. He introduces himself as Stephen, and Judy and Karen follow. He offers to get them a drink, and Karen says no. Judy, however, immediately says, "Martinis." BritSnot insists they can only have "real martinis," not those "apple cosmopolitan things." Ugh, he's obnoxious. And I happen to like apple martinis and cosmos. A little too much, sometimes, but that's a story for another day. While he's busy at the bar ordering their "real" drinks, Judy pumps Karen about him, saying he's "so cute." Karen's not that impressed, and rightfully so, I might add.

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Once and Again




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