Once and Again
The Sex Show

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The Sex Show

We open, yet again, in the kitchen of Manning Manor. Zoe whines that she needs money for a field trip, and proceeds to help herself to Lily's wallet. Lily rushes over to monitor how much the kid is taking, while Grace admonishes, "Zoe! You can't just go into people's purses without asking!" Because Grace is the only one allowed such freedoms. Lily hands Zoe a ten and then heads for the laundry room, nagging Grace because she hasn't taken out the recycling yet. Lily hefts the paper box, spilling magazines all over the floor, as Grace races into the room, gritting that she's still going to do it. She promptly forgets all about the recycling, though, as she spots a girlie mag on the floor and scoops it up. She strolls into the kitchen, flipping open the Playpal to examine its contents. Lily makes a grab for the rag from behind, but Grace eludes her, defiantly refusing to part with it. She unfolds the centerfold, muttering, "Oh my god, is this Eli's?" Jessie's intrigued now, and leaves her cereal to get soggy so she can partake of the peep show. Lily makes another mad grab, but Grace and Jessie start an impromptu game of Keep Away the Nudies. Rick walks in and snatches the magazine from Jessie's prying eyes. He's about to take a peek himself when Lily, head of the morality police, grabs the contraband from him with an offended "hey!" Grace informs Lily that it isn't anything they haven't seen before. Shocked, Lily wants to know where they've seen it. How about every day in the mirror in the bathroom, for starters? Grace says that the stuff is "all over the place." She points to the magazine and adds, "Anyway, at least that's honest. It's all the models in the women's magazines that are really pornographic." Lily ponders this wisdom, while Rick nods his head, thinking it may get him another glimpse at that Playpal.

Lily grabs Rick's arm and drags him into the other room. She slaps her hand against the magazine, saying, "I presume this is Eli's." Rick takes it from her for identification purposes, saying, "Well, let me have another look." Heh. Lily's wise to him in a second, though, and snags it away from him. Rick says he presumes that it is Eli's. Lily asks if Rick will talk to him. "About what?" Rick asks. Double heh. Lily doesn't want to admit that she's a heavy, so she hints around the issue, saying that Eli shouldn't leave the magazines lying around. Rick points out that it was pretty well hidden in the recycling box. And just how did he know that, hmmm? Lily rolls her eyes, pissed that he's left her no choice but to admit that she "hates these magazines." Rick's learned a thing or two by now, and asks, "Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful when you're prudish?"

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Once and Again




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