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The Scarlet Letter Jacket

Thanks to Bonnie for sending me the episodes I was missing from season one. Without her generosity, and the bad haircut that's keeping me from setting foot outside my apartment today, this recap wouldn't be happening. Plus, there's only two weeks until the new season starts, so I figured I should get my ass in gear and start flexing my recapping muscles, which have all but atrophied over the last three incredibly lazy months.

Okay, one more quick thanks to Angela for letting me know I was actually missing a few minutes from the beginning, and for being kind enough to lend me her tape to remedy it. So, taking it from the top...

We open on an exterior shot of Manning Manor. Lily emerges through the front door in a hugely oversized sweater, her pajama bottoms, and slippers. She strides down the walk, jauntily swinging her arms, to grab the morning paper. As she picks it up, she glances toward the street and finds Rick staring back at her from his truck. She clutches her hand to her throat, more out of surprised pleasure than shock at being so obviously stalked. She grins widely and runs across the street like a kid chasing an ice cream truck, and he beams at her. She "can't believe [he] came over" and he claims "it was on [his] way." A likely story. She glances over her shoulder and says she only has a second. "So go," he bluffs. "No, you have to kiss me more," she orders. He obliges, obliges, obliges and then offers her the back seat, which she declines with the excuse that she really has to go. He calls her a "chicken," and she makes a playful face at him before dashing back across the street. She has to pause midway, of course, for the requisite sigh and meaningful glance, which Rick returns. Good thing there's no traffic on that street at this hour, or Lily'd be a puckering, sighing, hood ornament.

Cut to Grace in the kitchen, griping into the cordless, "No, it's fine. I can just never show my face at school again." Lily bounds in with the newspaper, prompting Grace to cut the phone call short. Grace the little Gestapo wants to know where Lily was, since it took her ten minutes to get the newspaper. Lily dodges the question with one of her own, asking what Grace means when she says she can't show her face at school again. "No one wants to see my face anyway," Grace pouts. Lily prods, Grace resists, Lily prods, Grace resists. Grace finally reveals that what happened didn't happen at school and asks whether she may just go. Lily hugs her gently, like she's incredibly fragile.

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Once and Again




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