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Can you say "anticlimactic"?

Okay, here's the disclaimer: in light of recent events, this episode's topic is close to home for a lot of people. I hope it's obvious that any jokes made in this recap are not intended to make light of violence or its consequences. They're intended to make light of the show's portrayal of a hostage taking. I know that guns are not funny. I also know that some shows should stick to what they do best -- namely, subtlety.

We open this week's Action Theater with a black-and-white clip of Lily, turning the engagement ring over in her fingers. She looks at it pensively, then stares into the camera. She looks apprehensive.

Her alarm bleeps and we cut to her bedroom, where the clock's digital display reads 9:23. Lily jerks awake, then silences the alarm and cocks an ear for sounds of movement in the house. Not hearing any, she throws back the covers and heads for Grace's room, following the sound of Grace's ringing alarm clock. Grace is flopped out, dead asleep. Lily chides her to wake up and asks what time Jake wants her to be at the restaurant. When she doesn't get a response, Lily swats Grace on the rump. She complains that she shouldn't have to get Grace up. "Then don't!" Grace groans, rolling over and clamping a pillow to her ear. Is it sad that, as an adult, I still behave pretty much the same way? And not just on weekends. Thank god Wing Chun and Glark think along the same lines. An urgent beeping interrupts Lily and Grace's squabble.

Cut to Zoe at the kitchen sink, enveloped in smoke. She appears to be extinguishing something. Lily rushes in and silences the smoke detector while simultaneously chastising Zoe for trying to cook by herself. Zoe pouts that she was "just trying to make Daddy's birthday cake." Grace enters the kitchen and smirks, "Daddy likes German chocolate cake." Zoe snaps defensively that she doesn't know how to make that. Grace surveys the wake of damage left by our little Betty Crocker and snides, "Oh my god!" Zoe snarks, "And get out of my life!" Lily whines that she said she'd help Zoe, and Zoe retorts that she didn't think Lily was ever getting out of bed. Boy, kids have a really distorted sense of time, don't they? Zoe'd probably call an ambulance on me if she ever spent a weekend at my place. Grace asks Lily if they have any ribbon for Jake's birthday present, and Lily gripes that the girls have to get dressed. They schlump out, sighing and rolling their eyes. Lily swipes at the counter in a half-hearted attempt to clean up Zoe's mess. Why she's cleaning up after Zoe, especially when the kid broke the rules and almost caused a fire, is beyond me. Oh, that's right -- it's the martyr thing to do.

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