Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Cut to Lily at the radio station, where she's looking at some cardboard cutout and expressing her surprise that that's what Dr. So-and-So actually looks like. The woman with her smiles and says, "Everyone says that." She asks for Lily's résumé and warns her that "he's seeing a lot of people for this." Lily mumbles that she just thought it couldn't hurt. The woman leads her through the office, explaining that the job is assistant to the program manager, Les Kresswell, and cautions that it's a "challenging position." Lily thinks that's good. The woman glances into Kresswell's empty office and tells Lily to wait there while she goes to find him. It's a much different environment than Lily was used to at PagesAlive. Let's just say there's no inflatable furniture, and I don't think being a "great older sister" is going to get her too far. And I know she didn't have a chance to change her clothes, but the only position she's dressed for is that of a college intern.

Kresswell finally sweeps into his office and takes a seat behind his desk. He's an older, rotund man, and looks as if he'd smell of stale cigars and old coffee. He glances at some of the papers on his desk before he seems to notice that Lily's standing there. He yanks off his glasses and looks at her. She starts to say something, but he cuts her off: "Okay." She doesn't understand. He makes it clear: she's got the job, and can start tomorrow. "You don't want to talk to me?" she asks uncertainly, with a lopsided smile. "We'll talk tomorrow," he answers gruffly. He stands up and walks out of his office. Lily chases after him saying, "I'm just surprised." He looks over a paper someone hands him and mutters, "Of course you're surprised. I made a decision. Most people can't do that anymore." He strides away and she follows, anxiously asking how he can hire her without interviewing her -- how does he know she's right for the job. He answers that he doesn't: "We'll find out tomorrow." Lily says she needs to think it over and then launches into the story of Judy and Booklovers, and the guy could give a shit. Lily, shut up. You just got a gift. Take it, and go home. Kresswell curmudgeons, "Look, Lila. I don't wanna know about sisters. People may have sisters, but I don't wanna know." She registers this and says, "I need to sleep on it." "Fine. Get some sleep. I'll be in touch," he says, and then steps into an office. Lily brightens, saying, "I used to listen to you. When I was young." He pauses and turns to look at her, expressionless. She adds, "You have a very comforting voice." Oh brother. Yeah, you can afford to be choosy about this job. Apparently, Kresswell doesn't like to hear he has a comforting anything, and closes the door on her without saying a word. Excellent. Crusty may be gone, but her spirit lives on. Crusty, meet Fusty.

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Once and Again




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