Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Soliloquy Grace reads, "August. Short for Augustus. Worthy of honor and respect." She stares at the page for a second, then glances at the camera with a wise little glint in her eye.

Cut to Judy at Phil's, going over the basic plan with Lily and Jake. Lily's wardrobe, by the way, has progressed from a tweenie to that of a twentysomething this week. Right now she's sporting a skin-tight tank top (thankfully, it's plain), low-rise dark-denim jeans, and a studded belt. It's a big improvement over last week, although still miles away from the Lily we knew. Anyway, as Judy tries to explain her ideas for the new place, Lily keeps interrupting her and trying to finish her sentences. Lily looks down at the clipboard in her hand and declares that they should have a fairly limited menu. Jake, in the background, overhears this nonsense and protests loudly. He strides over as Lily explains that she just thought it would be simpler. "Well, it's just not very smart," Jake guffaws. Aw, it's just like the good old days, with eyes flashing, tempers flaring, and words flying. Judy tries to break it up, but is ineffectual. Lily's cell phone rings, and she rushes off to answer it. Jake takes the opportunity to tell Judy how he thinks things should go.

Lily's surprised to find Tiffany on the other end of the call. Tiffany says she just wanted to explain about the baby book. Lily says it's okay, that Zoe told her someone sent Tiffany a book. Tiffany asks whether Lily is still looking for a job, because they're hiring at the radio station where she used to work, but Lily'd "have to get over there, like, now." Lily squints over at Judy and Jake, her future with the two of them closing in like a noose, and glances at her watch. She turns her back on Jake and Judy and asks Tiffany how to get to the station. Clicking off her phone, she grabs her jacket and says, "Okay, are we almost done here?"

Soliloquy Judy says, "It's true that in the past she had this tendency to not listen to me. Ever. Because I'm the younger sister. But that was the past. I'm different now." Just keep telling yourself that, Judy.

Back at the restaurant, Judy asks, "Why, you have to be somewhere?" Lily pulls on her jacket, saying, "Yeah, I have to dash." Jake looks at his watch and looks at her in disbelief. Judy steps toward her, suspiciously asking, "You have to 'dash'?" Since when do you say 'dash'?" Lily insists that she's said "dash." Judy disagrees and asks what's wrong, pulling Lily a conspiratorial distance from Jake. She's about to press Lily even further when Jake holds up his hand behind them and loudly announces, "Well, I don't have to dash. And I think that there's a few things we need to clear up here." Judy says a weak "sure." Lily tugs her by the elbow, pulling her close and whispering not to let Jake walk all over her. Judy doesn't like the implication that she can't take care of herself, and sends Lily on her way with "You said you had to dash, so dash." She looks uncertainly back at Jake and plasters a smile on her face.

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Once and Again




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