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The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Down in the kitchen, Eli and the girls are getting breakfast. Zoe skims the name book and announces that her name means "the light." If Zoe's "the light," then she's the blinding glare of some asshole's high beams shooting into your skull and making you curse aloud when you're driving down a deserted country road late at night. I can't believe I ever thought this kid was cute. Eli snags the book from her and carries it over to the table as the phone rings. Grace answers, and Karen asks to speak with Jessie. She excitedly informs Jessie, "That Musketeer movie opens this weekend." Jessie's answer is less than enthusiastic, which surprises Karen, since Jessie was "dying to see it." Must be a Disney movie. Nice try, ABC. Jessie glances toward the kitchen table, where Eli and Grace are huddled over the name book. Jessie tells Karen that she "already sort of promised Eli that [she'd] see it with him." Karen says, "Oh!" and seems about to suggest they all see it together, but Jessie quickly adds, "Just him and me, you know, so..." Karen says they'll just have to find something else to see together. "I'll see you Sunday, then," she adds. Silence. "Love you, honey," she adds after a second. More silence. "Buh-bye!" she says loudly, finally pulling Jessie's attention from Eli and Grace. Jessie says a distracted goodbye and immediately clicks off the phone. She calls Eli over to her and asks whether he'd like to see the Musketeer movie. When he agrees, she throws her arms around his neck and hops up on him, saying he's "the best!" Grace carries her plate over to the sink, and Eli sets Jessie down to ask Grace a question. Jessie tries to interrupt, but Eli just goes ahead and asks Grace if she'd like to see the movie with them. Jessie's face falls. "Maybe," Grace says. "What, is it not pretentious enough for you?" Eli jokes. Grace lays a hand on his shoulder and pretends to struggle under the burden, sighing, "No, I'll go." She heads out of the kitchen with Eli hot on her heels. Jessie's bummed.

Cut to a contractors' supply yard, where Will Gluck is loading his truck when his cell phone rings. It's Judy. They stumble awkwardly through the pleasantries and Will says, "I thought you were someone else." Judy sensibly points out that she isn't. She starts to explain her reason for calling, but he interrupts to ask how she's doing and says that he meant to call her "a bunch of times, but --" "That's okay!" Judy blusters, then pauses to ask, "But...?" Will answers, "There's been a lot of stuff going on." Oh. Thanks for clearing that up. Judy decides to push on and get to the business at hand, saying that she wants to expand the bookstore. Will is genuinely thrilled to hear it. With a nervous laugh, Judy asks whether he's available to discuss it. "I'm available. Are you available?" he says. Judy savors the question for a second before sighing, "Yeah."

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Once and Again




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