Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Lily just about jumps out of her t-shirt as the back door opens behind her. "Oh, you scared me," she informs Judy. Judy makes a crack about how Lily doesn't mind Tiffany letting herself in. Then she gets giddy and dances up and down, saying that she has great news. Lily teasingly says, "Oh my god! You're getting married to Will Gluck." Those words should never be spoken in jest. It's, like, sacrilegious or something. Judy says that she's taking over Phil's and explains the idea for a bookstore-café. Like everyone else, Lily thinks it's a fabulous idea, and asks how Judy was inspired. Judy hesitates and looks like she's about to admit that it technically wasn't her idea, but she changes her mind and changes the subject. That's interesting, since she was all about the credit where it's due when it was Lily ripping off her idea. And ripping it off less directly, I might add. Judy says, "You need a job, and I need a partner," and waits expectantly for Lily's reaction. Lily's less than elated, remembering the problems they had working together in the past. Judy trips into a state of denial and tries to convince Lily by arguing that "if the Go-Go's can get back together...." Lily's astonished to hear that the Go-Go's are back together. She and Judy are probably the only two people who actually care. Judy says they're not only back together, but they look good. Lily thinks it's amazing, since they had such a horrible breakup. Whatever. "Lil, I can't do it without you," Judy says softly. Her eyes are all big and dewy like those kids and dogs the starving artists paint. Well, flattery will get you everywhere with Lily, who almost protests and then coyly asks, "How could that be true?" She practically bats her eyelashes. Judy insists that it's just true.

Soliloquy Lily's here to offer a little perspective. "Trouble is, I'm the older sister," she says. "And when you're the older sister, people just...count on you." Great. I just sprayed ginger ale all over my couch.

Back in the kitchen, Lily doesn't say anything, but she makes a heroic "well, since you need me" face. Judy recognizes it as an acceptance, and gives her a big hug. Rick calls out, "Lil, are you coming?" and stumbles into the kitchen just in time to catch their embrace. "Guess what?" Lily says, as we fade to commercials.

After the break, we join Lily and Rick in their bathroom, getting ready the next morning. "She's talking about hiring Jake," Lily says, and watches Rick for a reaction. Rick scrapes a razor across his chin and says, "So?" Lily points out that means they'll be working together, and asks whether that bothers him. "Your ex-husband, your sister, your life," Rick answers. "Your last name," Lily prods. Rick sets down his razor and says, "Okay, you know what I think? I don't think you should do it. And not because of me; not because of Jake. But because you really don't want to." "Yes, I do!" Lily squeals. Rick insists that she doesn't, but that she's too afraid to say no and disappoint Judy. Lily insists that isn't true. "Oh, all right," Rick says nonchalantly, dusting off his reverse psychology. "Then you're doing the right thing." He resumes shaving, and Lily shoots him a sidelong glance so we know that he nailed it. Well, he may only get twelve seconds of screen time again this week, but at least he spent them displaying a backbone. And his biceps.

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Once and Again




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