Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Cut to an old black-and-white Godzilla breathing fire on the TV at Manning Manor. Zoe, Grace, Jessie, and Eli are packed onto the couch eating popcorn. Grace complains that she hates her creative writing teacher. My heart breaks for her, because I know just how she feels. Except that -- wait a minute -- we didn't have a creative writing class at my stupid hick high school. Shut up, Grace. She doesn't, though; she whines, "He publicly humiliates me." Eli says, "I do that, and you don't hate me." He lobs a popcorn kernel at her, and she giggles. Jessie pretty much shares my opinion, and makes a show of reaching for the remote and turning up the volume. Godzilla wails in pain as Grace says, "Plus, his name is August." Eli mocks, "That isn't even a name. It's a month." Oh, whatever, Eli. As Grace blahs on, Jessie rolls her eyes and sighs, wishing that Grace would shut the hell up and stop flirting with her brother. To make matters worse, Grace initiates a little poking match with Eli, and Jessie's stuck between the two of them. If I were Jessie, I would totally use it as an excuse to "accidentally" punch Grace in the head. Jessie takes a less violent approach and shouts, "Okay, okay, okay!" She springs up from the couch and tells Zoe to come with her, since "they obviously want to be alone." "No, we don't!" Grace insists while thinking, "Hell yeah!" Zoe says they don't, and Eli also tries to convince Jessie not to go. Jessie's gone, though, and Zoe runs off after her. Alone with Eli, Grace feels way too exposed. She glances at her watch and makes an excuse to leave, saying she has to write in her journal. Eli's right behind her, saying he's got stuff to do, too. There's some tension here, people, that I'm trying hard to ignore. It could be that Eli reciprocates some of Grace's interest. Or it could be that he knows how she feels and is starting to worry that she's reading too much into his being nice to her. Please, please let it be the latter.

Meanwhile, Lily and Rick are hanging in the kitchen. Rick's finishing up the dishes in a shirt that shows his biceps to advantage while Lily flips through the name book. She tells him that she didn't recognize herself as "Elizabeth Sammler" at the job interview the other day. He saunters over to her and she quickly assures him it was "just for a minute!" "Elizabeth is kind of a weird name," he husks. They kiss. Lily groans as he breaks away and heads for the door. She promises that she'll "be right up" and starts straightening up some stuff.

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Once and Again




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