Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Down in her room, Grace scribbles in her journal and writes something that makes her laugh out loud.

Judy's still at the restaurant, but Will's gone. She's staring at a photograph of her father that's still hanging on the wall. Lily enters and pauses in the doorway before coming all the way in. "I left a message on your cell," she says pleasantly. Judy braces for yet another argument, and works up the nerve to tell Lily that she can't work there, after all, because Judy needs to do it by herself. "I don't want to work here," Lily says easily. She says she's "working for another lunatic," and clarifies that the message she left was to ask whether Judy wanted to meet for dinner. She chides Judy to check her messages more often: "It's one of the habits of highly successful sisters." Judy quips, "We're not the Go-Go's." "No, really?" Lily answers. Judy slowly paces around and brings herself to admit that she doesn't need Lily as much anymore. Lily seems pretty okay with that. They both agree it's all right that Judy doesn't need her, and that Lily doesn't want to work for or with her. And now that they're being honest, Judy wants to know, "So, is Tiffany a replacement for me?" "Is Karen?"

Their Soliloquy Selves are side by side on a couple of stools, and Judy reads out that Elizabeth means "consecrated to God." Lily looks pleased and "mmms" like that means something to her. She takes the book and reads that Judith means, "She who shall be praised." Judy looks away and smiles bashfully.

Back at the restaurant, the sisters reassure one another that neither is replaceable. Big warm fuzzy moment. Judy looks up at Phil's picture over the bar and says, "He'd never have believed I'd be the one who'd take over this place. He'd never believe it in a million years." "True," Lily says. Judy gives her a delicate shove, then rests her head on her shoulder. We fade out as they lean on each other and stare at their dad. Awww.

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Once and Again




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