Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Judy forces herself to tell Will that she's really happy for him. He tells her that it all happened because of her -- that since he met her he's been forcing himself to admit the truth, like she does. Like the rest of us, Judy is surprised to hear that he thinks she does this. "Well, maybe it takes you a while sometimes," he says. "But you do. And you make what you want come true." Judy looks around at the restaurant and smiles. Will adds, "I just wish..." Judy's eyes brim, and she says, "Me too." After a few seconds, she tells him that his daughter is really lucky, and they hug.

Cut to Manning Manor, where Grace is working up the courage to climb the attic stairs. She finds Eli working on his guitar and nervously asks whether it's a good time. He puts his guitar aside and says it is. Grace surveys the loft as if she's never been up there before, and plunks herself into an old chair. It promptly groans, and she almost sinks right through it. She scrambles forward and perches on the edge of the seat, nervously asking how work is going. They make some stilted conversation about his job for a few minutes. Eli's hot. I never used to see it, but consider me one of the converted. Which is just one more reason why I'll have to strap myself into a straitjacket if he and Grace ever get together. Grace pretends to be fascinated by the prospect of getting people coffee, and then the conversation falls flat. After a few awkward beats, Grace stands up and says, "Anyway, I just though we should...because we never...um," Grace stumbles over his shoes as she makes a break for the stairs. She smiles self-consciously, straightens the shoes, and finishes, "Get a chance to talk." She reaches the stairs and blurts, "Okay, see ya," before bolting down them. Smooth operator, she isn't. Eli stares at the empty stairs for a few seconds, before sighing -- with relief, I hope -- and standing up.

Downstairs, Jessie catches Grace shutting the door to the attic. She watches her like some crazy old lady in a horror flick, and Grace slinks into her room, shutting the door behind her with relief. She replays the scene with Eli in her head, rolling her eyes and sighing. Yeah, with you on that one. Jessie looks at Eli's door for a minute before knocking.

Upstairs, Eli's got his head out the window, smoking a joint. The "drug deferral" program seems to be working. He asks who it is and tells Jessie to come up, extinguishing the dube in an ashtray on the windowsill. He asks Jessie what she wants, and she says she's just there to bother him. He sighs and with exaggerated weariness tells her to get her "big smelly feet off [his] bed." She protests that her feet aren't big and whips a pillow at him. He clutches it and comes at her, with a surprising amount of energy for someone who's just smoked up. A squealing pillow fight ensues.

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Once and Again




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