Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Soliloquy Tiffany's on the Stool, leafing through her name book. She reads, "Tia...Tierney..." and looks up at the camera, perturbed. "I'm not even in the book," she says. Well Tiffany is much less common than Tierney, after all.

Tiffany and Judy share a smile, and Tiffany moves to join Jake, who's waiting for her in the doorway. "This was Tiffany's idea, you know," Judy calls out. Tiffany turns, astonished that she's getting some validation at last. She smiles gratefully at Judy and turns to find Jake staring at her like she's a stranger. "No. No I didn't know that," he says, still staring. Tiffany shoots Judy another smile and heads out. Jake, stunned, follows her. Judy smiles to herself, having set her karmic balance right. Or so she thinks...

Cut to the high school, where Grace is about to seek Stoltz's approval yet again. She strides into his classroom with a big smile and announces, "I tried it. I did what you said." He whistles and packs his leather satchel. "You know, about saying what you're most afraid to say, to the person your most afraid to say it to," Grace prods. He stops whistling and says, "I said that? Huh. Good." Grace starts telling him about the situation with Eli and says he's the "most embarrassing person she could pick to write about." Stoltz says a satisfied "Good." He grabs his bag and heads for the door, pausing in the doorway to ask, "You know who I think about a lot?" Grace shrugs. "Proust. Proust and Emily Dickinson. I mean, they were so scared they never even left their rooms. You don't have to become the bravest person who ever lived. Just the bravest writer." Can I get an "oh, brother"?

Cut to Will Gluck surveying the restaurant. Judy giddily tells him that she measured everything, and hands him the list of numbers. He says there's something she should know. "There is?" she asks, her chest tightening. He tells her he finally found his daughter. Okay, that's not what Judy was expecting. She takes a moment to register this news, while Will excitedly tells her the details he's learned. His daughter lives in Florida (I thought Pasadena was in California), and he's going to move down there so that he can spend some time getting to know her. Judy fights her tears and tries to put on a brave face. He hands her the measurements, and she asks his daughter's name. She coos when he answers, "Kaylee."

Soliloquy Judy looks up Will's name in the book. She reads, "William means 'determined protector.'" She looks wistfully into the camera.

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Once and Again




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