Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Cut to Eli in the kitchen at Manning Manor. This time, he's making a sandwich. He must cost a fortune to keep. Jessie's at the table, flipping through the name book. He offers her half the sandwich.

Soliloquy Jessie fondly reads that Eli "means 'the highest.'" Heh. She shoots the camera a knowing look and says, "I should tell him that." Dude, I think he knows.

Eli says, "I used the honey mustard, just like you like it." Jessie walks past him, leaving an icy breeze in her wake. He asks her what's going on. "I know, okay," she says. "You know? What do you know?" he asks mildly. Jessie grits, "Why you always have to include her." Eli reels for a second, then starts to smile at the ludicrousness of her implication. He starts to say, "Wait a minute. You actually think --" Jessie interrupts to assure him that she won't tell anyone, if that's what he's worried about, so he can "just stop acting like it's this big hush-hush secret." Eli leans in close, and with an edge in his voice says there's nothing going on. Jessie tells him to shut up. "Don't tell me to shut up. I don't talk that way to you!" he protests. Jessie's hands fly around agitatedly and she tells him that she can handle the truth.

Grace walks into the kitchen, and the conversation stops. She heads to the fridge, grabs a juice box, and almost plows right into Eli as he moves to put something away in the fridge. Jessie watches them closely, and Eli catches her. Silently, she hoists her backpack and sweeps out of the room, trailing disgust. Grace shoots Eli an inquisitive glance, and he shrugs. She opens the name book on the counter, and he asks who she's looking up. "Nobody," she answers. He grabs his plate and makes to leave, but she asks, "Where are you going?" He points upstairs and says, "Nowhere, I was just --" "Eli, are we afraid to be alone?" Grace blurts. Eli spins around to look at her, and thinks carefully before saying, "I'm not afraid to be alone with you, Grace." "I know," she says, too quickly. He says it's just that he's busy. "I know," she says again. She looks down at the counter, and he watches her, still a little taken aback. "So, what about tomorrow?" she asks, looking up at him. Pause. He says that's fine. Pause. "So, if I knocked on your door, say around this time..." Eli looks at her evenly and says, "I'd let you in." She smiles a little. He studies her and raises the corner of his mouth a little. "Okay, so I'll see you tomorrow," Grace says. Eli heads out, and Grace smiles to herself. I uncurl myself from the fetal position. Judy comes in through the back door, looks around cautiously, and asks, "Uh, is she here?" Grace points upward.

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Once and Again




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