Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Judy stares at Lily with a suspicious glint as Lily falls silent. Judy asks what she was going to say. Lily bullshits that she was just going to suggest that Judy stay for dinner, and then afterward they could look at the logos. Judy says that's great and then goes ahead and pulls out the logos anyway, excitedly buzzing about the ones she likes best. Lily's eyes glaze as she mentally kicks her own ass for being such a wuss.

After commercials, Judy's having coffee with Karen. "So you did it, you actually did it!" Karen enthuses. Judy says she has Karen to thank for it. Karen says it's very brave of Judy to "do this on [her] own." Yeah, about that.... Judy studies her coffee cup and admits that Lily's going to be her partner. At the mention of its nemesis, the ass-pole snaps to attention, and Karen has a hard time swallowing. Judy tries to justify it, and Karen phonies along with it for a few seconds before pointing out that Judy was running Booklovers by herself. As the ass-pole works itself into a splinter, Karen grows more and more agitated and gets louder and louder, pointing out, "You conceived of this whole idea all on your own. Why would you need anyone? This is your baby!" And Eli is my baby, she adds silently. She finally gets hold of herself, takes a deep breath, and apologizes for her outburst. Karen complains, "Since Eli was arrested, I barely sleep." Judy tries to reassure her, but Karen presses on: "And now..." She stops herself to try to find the right words. "Does Lily mention him?" she demands. Judy wonders what the hell was in Karen's coffee. "I should not be asking you that," Karen passive-aggressives, and pouts, "It's just that it seems like he's always there." Judy tries to be diplomatic, suggesting that it's probably just easier for Eli to be with Lily since she's not his mother. And since she doesn't have an ass-pole making her crazy. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Rick lives there with Eli and Lily, too. Not that it's hard to do. Judy then steps in it, joking, "And let's face it. It doesn't hurt that she looks great in a towel." The minute the words are out, Judy regrets them. The ass-pole catches a whiff of impropriety. Karen squints, "What do you mean? What towel?" Oh, crap.

Cut to Phil's, where Jake, Lily, and Judy are trying to work together. It's going about as well as it did last time. When Jake mentions that he called his contractor, Lily cuts him off to protest that Judy already called Will Gluck. Judy starts to say that she did in fact call Will, but Jake condescends that it's "not some little back porch" they're working on. Hey, step off the Gluck-bashing, pal. Lily jumps to Judy's defense, and Judy meekly tries to break up the spat. Lily and Jake keep escalating their voices and their blood pressure while Judy looks incredulously from one to the other until she finally yells, "Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!" Jake actually flinches. Judy sarcastically offers to run out and get them coffee. "Oh, but that doesn't make sense, since I'm the one with the money. So why don't you [pointing at Lily] just shut up, and you [pointing at Jake] just get out." There's a stunned silence. "You want me to get out of here?" Jake finally says, incredulous. He pushes up from the table, but Lily holds out her arm and says that Judy doesn't mean it. "What? Yes I do!" Judy bristles. Jake makes it clear that if he leaves, he's not coming back. Judy's fine with that. Lily just sits and glares at Judy, agape. Once Jake leaves, she hisses, "What the hell was that all about?" Judy gathers her things and says that she doesn't want to talk about it right now. Lily snarks, "And to speak to me that way? I don't speak that way to you." She stands up and stalks out, leaving the boss lady to think about what she's done.

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Once and Again




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