Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Later that day, Lily arrives home to find Eli and Judy in the kitchen. Eli's heaping a mountain of cold pasta and meatballs onto a plate while Judy watches in awe. Judy asks where Lily went that afternoon, and Lily stammers as she tries to think of a good cover. Judy waves her hand and says, "Never mind," and then glances at Eli while trying to ask Lily something without having to come right out and say it. Eli assures her, "Don't worry, I'm leaving. I'm leaving." And he does. And he leaves everything all over the counter, too. "Did you see all that food?!" Judy whispers loudly. Lily says that teenage boys eat a lot. "Especially when they're high," Judy mutters. Lily reproaches her and says they're "just used to girls." Rolling her eyes, she adds, "It's an adjustment, believe me. The other day, I ran into him in a towel!" Judy's mind races. "Was he wet?" she asks. Lily clarifies that she was the one in the towel. Eli was in his underwear. "Oh my god!" Judy exclaims, wondering if there's any room for her to move into Manning Manor. Lily insists that it was embarrassing, but Judy just wants to know what kind of towel Lily was wearing: "Bath towel, hand towel, tea towel." Lily tells her to shut up. They're quiet for a few seconds as Lily puts away all the food containers. Judy takes a deep breath and starts, "This isn't a criticism, okay?" "Okay," Lily says carefully. Judy says that while they were with Jake that morning, Lily kept interrupting her. Insulted, Lily whines that Judy interrupts her all the time. Judy interrupts her to deny it. Who raised these people?

Soliloquy Judy wonders, "Why did I think I needed her?"

Both sisters claim they don't want to fight about it.

Soliloquy Lily wonders, "Why did I think she needed me?"

Judy says she needs to be able to tell Lily when she's being annoying, or things won't work out. Lily interrupts her to promise that she won't interrupt anymore.

Soliloquy Judy exclaims, "I don't need this!"

Lily is surprised when Judy points out that she just did interrupt.

Soliloquy Lily states, "I don't need this!"

Lily promises that she won't interrupt Judy anymore.

Soliloquy Judy tries to find the guts "to just tell her."

"Listen," Judy starts, but then chickens out. She makes like she just wanted to show Lily the Booklovers logos, and goes to grab her bag. Lily closes the fridge door with a determined, "Judy..."

Soliloquy Lily insists, "I'll just tell her."

Niki rolls her eyes and wishes one of them would just grow some balls and be honest already. Then she realizes that they've driven her to refer to herself in the third person. That's not good.

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Once and Again




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