Once and Again
The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth

Sorry this recap took so long. I spent the weekend stretching my stomach to maximum capacity and beyond. Thanksgiving is not my friend.

Once again, we open in the kitchen of Manning Manor. Judy's bobbing around the table, laying out about twenty possible Booklovers logos. Grace, Zoe, and Jessie check out the choices while eating ice cream. The logos look like they're for a strip-joint to me. Grace pulls her spoon out of her mouth and jabs the slobbery utensil at the logo she likes, and Judy almost has heart failure at the sight of Ben & Jerry's so close to her artwork. Jessie and Zoe chime in their opinions, and Judy distractedly mutters that she really needs Lily. The front door closes, and she looks up expectantly, but it's only Eli. He saunters into the kitchen doorway, playfully saying that he wants ice cream. Jessie guards her bowl, but he moves right past her and grabs Grace's spoon. She giggles and tells him to get his own, but she really can't wait to put the spoon back in her mouth because then her spit will mix with his spit and it'll be just like they kissed. Jessie watches the exchange with an expression that would curdle whatever ice cream is left in her bowl.

"Hello!" a woman calls from the back door. Judy rushes from the dining room, hoping it's Lily. It's Tiffany, sporting a belly of beach-ball proportions. Judy's somewhat taken aback. Tiffany explains that she just came by to pick up a book of names, which is waiting for her on the counter. She picks it up and starts thumbing through it, and Judy watches her with thinly veiled horror.

From the Soliloquy Stool, Judy explains, "Seventeen years ago, I bought Lily this book. And I said, 'I know you're not having a baby yet, but I just wanted you to --' And she interrupts me and says, 'I am. I am having a baby. How did you know?'" Judy's cockles glow warm and toasty.

Back in the kitchen, Judy indignantly says, "I gave her that book!" Tiffany's fingers freeze on the page she's about to flip, and she stares at Judy like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Judy tries to recover, saying that shouldn't stop Tiffany from borrowing it, but her voice is a little hollow. Tiffany recovers gracefully, acting as though she just remembered that Jake is buying her a name book, so she doesn't actually need this one. She bubbles, "I can't believe I forgot that! I'm so pregnant!" And boy howdy, is she. She helps herself to a glass and runs some water in the sink as her brain skips tracks and she congratulates Judy on the whole Booklovers "chain." Judy modestly explains it won't actually be a chain; some guy's just paying to use the name with his own stores. She adds that, with the money, she can expand if she ever finds "the right space." Tiffany jokes, "It's too bad you can't run a bookstore out of a restaurant, because I know one you can get real cheap. And then you could have Jake run it for you!" Judy thoughtfully bites an apple and stares at Tiffany while her synapses fire. Tiffany laughs self-consciously and says, "Well, that's obviously not what you're going to do!" Judy sort of smiles and quickly nibbles on the apple to keep herself quiet. Tiffany asks where Lily is.

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Once and Again




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