Once and Again

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Cut to Rick, a.k.a. Lonely Guy, walking along a darkened sidewalk. He pulls his requisite Lonely Guy overcoat more tightly around his shoulders. Very Dickensian. Lonely Guy then pauses in his walking tour of other people's family dinners. A particularly heart-warming scene is unfolding in one of the houses as a modern-day June Cleaver carries a big ol' bird to the table amid the delighted, glowing faces of her near and dear. Lonely Guy stares, enraptured. His cell phone rings. It's Lily, looking to be saved. She briefly apprises him of her hellish situation and then they get straight down to the mush. She tells him he has a nice voice. "I like your voice too," he smoothly replies, and then he kicks it up a notch by adding, "And I like...your body." Where's the Barry White? Or the bowm-chicky-chicky grinding of a blue soundtrack? Whoever's cueing the music missed the boat on this one. "Why?" Lily asks, "I mean, what in particular?" "Iono..." Rick mumbles, stalling for time, "They way it tells me all its secrets." A little corn with your turkey? They pause to revel in their yumminess. I pause to take a long, scalding shower.

"Where are you?" Lily asks. He says he's just walking around, conveniently not too far from her place. She says she needs to see him, but he's cautious. He thinks she has enough to deal with at the moment. But she means she literally wants to see him, even through a window. She "just wants to see someone who's sweet and non-judgmental and who doesn't think [she's] a selfish bitch."

Cut to Karen's, where Lloyd is frantically waving his arms. Jessie's desperately shouting out guesses while everyone else appears on the verge of a coma. Consider: Turkey alone makes you sleepy. Now imagine turkey followed by charades. And having to stay awake and be polite. Screaming for a bullet yet? The camera pans the couchful of zombies, and everyone yawns in turn. Jessie finally gets the charade -- Titanic -- and high-fives Lloyd with a shriek of victory. "My turn!" she cries, holding up a finger. Surprisingly, no one fights her for the honor.

Rick has shuffled his way over to Lily's place, where he's standing across the street and waving his arms to get her attention. Finally, she spots him and, with a squeal of glee, tells him to wait right there -- she's coming out to meet him (they've been talking on their cell phones the entire time). In the kitchen, she finds Barb, Judy, and Jake cleaning up, and she swoops among them to examine the state of the trash. "Oh, good it's full!" she exclaims, even though it isn't. Jake says he'll take it out, but she snaps that she'll do it because she wants some fresh air. They watch her leave with puzzled expressions. Jake goes to say good-bye to the kids, and Barb turns her attention to the window above the sink. She spots Lily fly into Rick's arms, still holding the bag of trash. Phil's face appears in the window next to Barbara's and they peer at the excited couple through the blinds.

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Once and Again




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