Once and Again

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Cut to Lily's dining room, where everyone is seated around the table. It looks like a picture postcard of the perfect festive dinner: Tons of food, the warm glow of candles, and a family gathered to partake. As Barbara carries in the last dish, Phil says he wants to go around the table and have everyone say what they're thankful for. He launches into his own speech, saying he's thankful for his "beautiful wife," but that's as far as he gets because his beautiful wife interrupts him to say the children should start. Grace jumps in to say she's thankful that Jake is there, and she thanks Lily directly for changing her mind. Judy rolls her eyes, Phil says, "That's nice," and Barbara looks pointedly at Lily. Stone-faced, Lily says, "Actually... Never mind." Phil quickly says, "Next," but Grace wants to know what Lily was going to say. "Actually, I didn't change my mind," Lily admits. Looking at her father she says "I said I'd think about it." Now it's Jake's turn to roll his eyes. He moves back from the table, and Barbara lays a supporting hand on his arm. "The point is, we're all here together" Phil reasons.

And, they're off!

Judy: Oh, Dad, we are not all together.
Phil: You know what I mean.
Everyone exchanges looks.
Judy: How can you say we're all together?
Barbara tries to intervene, unsuccessfully.
Phil: I thought we agreed that today --
Judy: Well, I didn't agree, and it's not right.
Judy turns to Lily for help.
Zoe leans in to ask Grace what they're talking about. Grace holds up a hand to shush her.
Judy to Lily: He should be here.
Lily: I know.
Zoe to Grace: Who?
Grace to Zoe: Uncle Aaron.
Barbara again tries to intervene: It's Zoe's turn to give thanks.
Judy: Oh, what -- Jake gets invited, but not Aaron?

Jake throws his napkin onto his plate and stands. Grace and Phil plead with him to stay. Phil asks everyone to join hands and says he'll make it quick. He convinces Jake to sit. He then says that he's thankful for his "beautiful wife and [his] beautiful family. And that includes everybody." Right, except your son. As the camera slowly backs out of the dining room, Phil adds, "May there be many more occasions such as this." What? Why? "Only, with a little less mishegas." I don't think "mishegas" means Jake, but it should.

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Once and Again




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