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Lily watches her mother with Zoe, which prompts B/W Lily onto the scene. She tells us what her mother was like when she grew up. She was "capable," and "always doing something." Then, as if struck, Lily admits she's "never been able to go to her for help" and looks very sad for a moment.

In an effort to show us how blind parents can be to their own behavior, we get a little confession from B/W Barb hot on the heels of Lily's. Barb tells us that her mother was very cold and distant, which is why she made a point to be different with her own kids. Mmm-hmm. Nice job.

Back in the kitchen, Barb tells them that she's about to start the secret part of her stuffing recipe. In other words, get the hell out. Lily shoos Zoe out and then hangs back for a second, watching as her mother hums about her business at the counter. Like Rick, she's shut out.

After commercials, I miss the first part of what Jake is saying to Phil, because Wegmans got a little too carried away with its "BBQ Country" ho-down. So Jake is standing there, fiddling with a screwdriver and an electrical socket (sadly, there are no injuries to report) when Phil replies to the mystery comment. He launches into a pep talk, basically excusing Jake for his screw-up because he had an indiscretion of his own. Jake summarizes the story that's becoming all too familiar: "You were in the doghouse for about a week and then [Barb] took you back." He then goes on to say he wishes that was his situation. Wish? Pah, Phil insists. If Jake wants to fix things, he's got to get in there and make it happen. "Come on, let's go home," he adds, still rolling in oblivion. I know you're supposed to respect your elders and all that, but right now I think I could hit him. I really do.

When they stroll through the back door into Lily's kitchen, Barb is in the midst of pulling out the turkey. I could make so many bad, bad turkey slurs in reference to Jake, but I'll refrain. Feel free to make your own, though. It really is good fun. Okay, so she's pulling out the turkey, and Zoe flies into Jake's arms. Grace and Lily walk into the kitchen laughing. The chuckles stop abruptly. Grace runs to embrace Jake while Lily stands there smoldering. Zoe says they asked to invite him, but Lily said no. Phil replies that he "knows how to ask [Lily] in a very special way." I don't think it's so much the way he asks, though, as it is the way he completely ignores the answer.

Meanwhile, funzapoppin' as Lloyd demonstrates all the moves needed to begin a charade. The camera pans his captive audience. Their expressions range from sheer boredom to disbelief to discomfort. After dispensing his last tidbit of miming wisdom, Lloyd asks if there are any questions. You can almost hear the crickets chirping. "Good!" he exclaims, rubbing his hands with glee.

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Once and Again




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