Once and Again

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Meanwhile, things are getting wild and crazy over at Karen's. Yes, I'm lying. Everyone's gathered in the living room, where Lloyd is the center of attention. He's trying to rouse everyone into playing charades. As he touts the game's merits, Karen walks in and hands him a glass of wine, no doubt hoping to distract him into shutting up. Sour-faced, Jessie says she doesn't know how to play charades. Hey, not to worry kiddo, Lloyd the party animal will be more than happy to teach you!

Cut to Lily and Judy setting the dining-room table and bitching, in hushed tones, about Jake's comment that everything would be resolved by now. Lily complains that the parentals take everything Jake says "like it's the gospel truth from on high. Like he can do no wrong." Judy sympathizes and lets something slip about the "money thing." "What money thing?" Lily demands.

Cut to Barb, staring into the fridge complaining to herself that there's no butter, "only that awful margarine." Lily barges in to confront her about Jake's debt. "Oh, this family!" is Barb's response. When she calls angrily for Judy, Judy wisely yells that she and Grace are going for a walk. Barb bitches that "you can't tell anything in confidence to anyone in this family. Did you know that?" Uh, yeah, it's pretty hard to miss. Lily says as much, but bites her tongue to keep from saying something she could regret. Barb assures Lily that the money situation is all figured out, and it's between Phil and Jake. Then, in the same breath, she complains again that there's no butter. Lily points out that she specifically bought margarine because last time they visited, Barb went off about how nasty butter is for your health. "Oh, well, now they're saying that margarine's supposed to be bad for you," Barb calmly replies, unwittingly setting Lily's blood to boil. Lily cuts the crap: "Is it true that the last two checks [Jake was supposed to send] never came, and that the one before that bounced?" she demands. Barb is silent for a moment and then chooses to act as though Lily hadn't spoken at all. She asks if Lily knows that she and Phil separated once. Lily knows, and she clearly doesn't want to take this trip down Memory Lane again. As Barb starts to tell the story, Lily cuts her off and, in an exasperated tone, says, "Daddy cried. You'd never seen him cry before. But you stuck to your guns and packed his bags. And he lasted four days --" "--Five days." "Five days, and then came back with his tail between his legs." So Lily's heard this story once or twice, it seems. But she hasn't learned the lesson -- just ask Barb. She wants to know why, if she could forgive Phil, Lily can't forgive Jake? She implies that Lily is giving up too easily on the marriage, and she's the one to blame for its demise. Lily is justifiably offended and starts to explain her position to Barb, for all the good it will do, when Zoe bursts in to show her grandmother something she made. "Oh, no, sweetheart," Barb says, "that's all wrong. Here, let me take it apart for you."

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Once and Again




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