Once and Again

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Meanwhile, Rick's about to embark on the phase of his life that we'll call Lonely Guy. He's dropping off the kids at Karen's house, and she greets them on the porch as usual. Rick hands her a pumpkin loaf that he and Jessie baked. Eli disappears inside without so much as a backward glance, but Jessie's still concerned about Rick's lack of a real holiday celebration. He says his plans will be great. Karen's assistant Sage (pronounced as in "cor-sage") steps outside in a stripy apron to ask about basting the turkey. After Sage disappears inside, Lloyd (a.k.a. Mr. Walsh) of the receding hairline makes his not-so-grand entrance by stumbling into the side of his car. Lloyd, we see, is a doofus, but a sweet doofus, because he's carrying a huge bouquet of autumn flowers for Karen. Jessie isn't happy to see him, and she lets Karen know that she feels ambushed before tearing into the house. Rick and Lloyd shake hands. Shallow as I may be for saying so, it must be hard for Karen to see her super-hot ex side-by-side with her screamingly middle-aged new interest. Her attitude toward Lloyd is a little cool as he hands her the bouquet. Rick backs down the walk as they say their good-byes, and Lloyd closes the door. Shut out! Rick turns, hangs his head, and trudges toward the street, pausing a moment to straighten Karen's lamppost.

A little later, he walks into the reception area of his office and plucks the lone memo from the mail coil. As he looks it over, he hears giggling, snurfing sounds coming from an adjacent office. He chooses to investigate and finds David with some tart propped up on the desk. Her skirt is up over her thighs, giving everyone a really nice view of her thigh-high, stay-up stockings, those items of torture that could only have been born in the deepest, darkest, most sadistic corner of Hell. I hate those sticky, pinchy things with a passion that borders on neurotic. As David struggles to make the introductions, he and the tart -- Melanie -- tug at her skirt. She then slips past Rick with an embarrassed "nice to meet you" so she can wait for David outside. Rick gets the scoop -- Melanie is someone David went out with before, but with whom he thought he'd blown his chances -- and Rick urges him to "Go! Before she figures out what she's doing." Figures out what? That she's having one of those holiday-desperation flings to try, hopelessly, to fill a void in her life? Yeah, man, go get her! David thanks Rick and wishes him a happy Thanksgiving. "Yeah, right," is the unenthusiastic reply. He slumps wearily into the desk chair and something catches his eye -- it's black and filmy, and I don't even want to guess what it is since the tart left wearing both her stockings. As he moves to pick it up, Melanie comes in to retrieve it and, caught in the act, he blushes like mad while handing it to her. As soon as she leaves, his face sinks, and he heaves a shoulder-drooping sigh. Poor Lonely Guy -- everyone's got somewhere to be, and someone to be with, but you. Not to mention the fact that you're not getting any action either.

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Once and Again




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