Once and Again

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After commercials we're greeted with an extreme close-up of Lily's face, sideways. She's just woken up and is sans make-up, but she manages to look fabulous all the same. Her eyes slide open groggily and fight to focus. Cut to a close-up of a lizard, which appears to be staring back at her. Lily registers no alarm but instead rolls over and, in the process, grabs a squeak toy. Ah, the joys of musical beds. She's in Zoe's room. She looks again at the lizard, and a pair of hands reach in and grab the scaly little thing. The hands belong to Zoe, who's lifting up the lizard to show to Phil. She tells him it's a gecko, but it most certainly is not -- I'm pretty sure it's an iguana. Phil feigns shock and wonders what happened to Barbies. You know, those nice sugar-and-spice toys that teach little girls how to be attractive young ladies? Zoe says "Barbies are okay, but [she'd] rather play with reptiles." Phil insists that, "You can't fool [him], [he] knows [his] little girls -- [Zoe'd] rather play with Barbies." Lily points out that Zoe just told him what she likes to play with. Phil backs off the mind control and changes the subject by asking what he can do to help Lily with dinner.

Cut to the kitchen, where Barb is going over a list when Lily walks in. Phil is sitting at the table, fast asleep and snoring lightly. Lily is concerned, but Barb is pretty nonchalant about it. She tells Lily he does it all the time. This information doesn't set Lily's mind at ease, so Barb explains that it's just part of getting older. She says that "one minute [she's] talking to him, and the next minute he's fast asleep." Hmmm, falling asleep while you're talking, eh? And you chalk this up to his age rather than your scintillating conversation? Huh. Well, there's one more excuse we can all look forward to using in our golden years. Barb makes herself vulnerable for a split-second as she tells Lily that this new habit of Phil's makes her "feel so alone." Lily emotes and makes a move toward her mother, but Barb's got the wire up again and the sign is clear: Keep out. She smiles tightly and tells Lily that she's going to drop Phil at the restaurant on her way to the grocery store. He needs to see Lily's "husband." Lily gapes. Barb then brings up inviting the little finkus to dinner again, telling Lily that he and Phil still talk all the time. In fact, last time they talked, Jake assured Phil that "he didn't see any reason why this whole thing (translation: his teeny little affairs and Lily's gross overreaction) couldn't be cleared up by Thanksgiving." Apparently no one's told Jake that fairy tales and magic wands are make-believe. Lily struggles to maintain her composure in light of this news, but as soon as the parentals leave, her face slides into a stony glare.

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Once and Again




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