Once and Again

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Another round of huggy hellos follows as Barb greets her daughters. As soon as that's dispensed with, though, the parentals get straight to business: Where's Jake? Lily is understandably struck dumb for a moment or two as she tries to get her head around the question. She reminds them that she and Jake are separated, so she has no idea where he is. They try to placate her by saying that the idea of the separation just hasn't sunk in yet, they're not used to it, blah, blah, blah, obliviouscakes. Judy, Grace, and Zoe have been watching the scene from a safe distance, peeking from behind the raised trunk of the car. Seeing their chance to defuse the situation, the kids pull out the suitcases and lead their grandparents into the house. Judy and Lily take a moment to regroup. Lily muses, "Can you say 'nervous breakdown'?" Judy replies, "Can you say 'Barbados'? 'Cause that's where we're gonna be next year: Bar-Bay-Dossss." Judy, it seems, has yet to figure out that when it comes to irritating relatives, you can run, but you can't hide.

Lily sorts out the sleeping arrangements with her parents as they settle in. They then inform her that they're going over to the restaurant and ask if she wants to come. They say it's fine if she doesn't, and Barbara surmises that Lily's probably seen the changes already, anyway, somehow overlooking the conversation they had in the driveway just moments ago. Lily, again, is left agog.

Cut to Jake in the restaurant, which is stripped to the drywall and covered in plastic sheeting. Phil and Barbara come bursting in, exuberantly greeting their long-lost son, while Lily and Judy hang back, seething and uncomfortable. As the group moves in one direction to begin their tour, Lily quickly ducks in another.

Phil and Barb, in all their confessional black-and-white glory, describe the situation between them, Jake, and the restaurant. This time they bring to life the stereotype of the old married couple, as they comfortably interrupt each other and finish one another's sentences. They explain, in fits and starts, that Phil sold Jake the restaurant based on the agreement that Jake would make monthly payments to him for ten years. It was the only way Jake could afford the restaurant, and it also allowed Phil to retire to Florida (how many ageist stereotypes does that make?) without having to pay capital gains on the sale. "Everybody wins!" Phil exclaims.

Meanwhile, Phil and Barb are trailing Jake and exclaiming over the changes. They're standing in the old laundromat next door, which Jake bought. He tells them excitedly that they can put seating for seventy-five people in the space.

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Once and Again




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