Once and Again

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Now that he's warmed her up, Phil launches into the hard sell. "People change. They learn from their mistakes," he insists. She's not sold that easily though, and points out that, not only does Jake not have the character that Phil does, "he didn't fall in love with someone else. He didn't have an affair -- one affair. [It was] a lot of girls." Then she breaks down and says that her "marriage just doesn't work, and even [he] can't fix it." She apologizes and says she knows she let him down, which sends her into a fit of tears. He hugs her saying, "Who said anything about letting anybody down?" Then to cheer her up, he asks about "the guy from outside" again. He wants to know if he has a name. "Rick," she sniffles through a huge grin. "Rick?" he repeats, "Not a bad name... Some Thanksgiving, huh?" She throws herself into his arms again, weeping like a baby. He holds her and pats her arm as the camera creeps back into the hallway. "It's okay. Daddy's here," he says. Fat lot of good that's done her so far.

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Once and Again




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