Once and Again

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Lily knocks and enters her bedroom, where her parents are getting ready for bed. She whisks her nightgown off a hook, says goodnight, and leaves.

Rick meanwhile, has just finished his dinner, and as Jessie clears away his dishes, he asks her about Lloyd. "How old do 'we' think he is, anyway?" Jessie smiles and plays along, answering, "At least eighty or ninety." Rick says that's what he figured and then asks if she had fun. "What do you think?" she responds. Rick says he thinks it was "incredibly boring" and, sweetly, she says, "It was, totally." They beam at one another and hug, their faces filling the screen and slowly fading as Phil's voice says, "The way a daughter looks at you..."

Rick and Jessie fade away and are replaced by B/W Phil saying, "...there's nothing like it." He talks about how pissed off a daughter gets when she realizes her father's not the perfect being she set him up to be. "It's basic physics," he says, "If you start up there on a pedestal, there's nowhere to go but down." A fine theory, I'm sure, but he's kind of missing the point. Lily's not mad because he isn't perfect. She's mad because he keeps choosing Jake over her.

B/W Lily's in the hot seat now, with her arms crossed protectively. She says that Phil was the best father in so many ways. Choking up, she admits that she always disappointed him. It's not just now, with the separation, she always let him down. "Never knowing why," she adds, sadly.

Phil's knocking at her door. He wants to talk. He starts by asking about "this guy from outside" and says he can tell she's in love with him. Lily shyly tries to hide her feelings, but Phil is insistent, saying, "You think I never felt that way? You think I don't know what it's like?" He then proceeds to tell her the whole story about his separation from Barb. It wasn't just a one-time meaningless fling. He was in love with someone else. Lily was five, Aaron was four, and Barb begged him not to leave. He stayed, but he kept seeing the other woman because he just couldn't stop. She finally got tired of waiting for him, though, and ended it. Then Barb got pregnant with Judy, which really sealed things. "Looking back, after all these years, you think I'm sorry that I didn't go?" he asks Lily. Oh no, he's "glad [he] stayed. So what, [she's] in love? [He] thought [he] was, too. Who knows what love is?" Barb interrupts them by knocking on the door. God she's irritating. The guy's gone five minutes and she has to sniff him out. She tries to convince him to come to bed, but he insists on staying. Reluctantly, she leaves. It's as if she can sense secrets are being told. Once she's gone, Phil says he "thanks God every day that she took [him] back. Okay, maybe not every day." I hear that.

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Once and Again




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