Once and Again

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Well, Jake's had all the insult he's going to take, and he leaves. Barbara goes after him. Lily buries her face in her hands. Phil angrily tells her to let him fight his own battles and then demands to know how she found out about the money. She asks why she shouldn't know about it and then, through gritted teeth, says "that's what [she] hates about this family: secrets. The things [they] should talk about are secret, and the things that should be secret are shouted out so everyone can jump in and judge and give their opinion." Then she takes up the guilt-inducing cry of frazzled, downtrodden mothers and wives everywhere, saying, "Just because I for once had the audacity to do something I wanted to do. Something actually for me." Hoo-yeah! I see signs of a backbone, finally. She grabs a pile of dishes off the table and carries them into the kitchen, where you can hear her slam them on the counter.

After commercials, Rick's just getting home. The kids are already there, and a plate of dinner is waiting for him on the table. "It's warm," Jessie says, stepping into view, "I warmed it up for you." This kid is too sweet. And to top it off, she's wearing her jammies, which are just so adorable.

Cut to Lily, still cleaning up. She glances at the cordless phone in the foreground, thinks about it, gives in, and calls Rick. He's eating while Jessie sits just inches away, watching. He answers the phone around a mouthful of turkey, which is very moist by the sounds of it. Lily says it just occurred to her that he didn't get any dinner, and she could wrap up some left-overs and...Rick smiles at Jessie, who makes a knowing face. Lily continues, saying, "...oh, you have a turkey dinner, don't you? And you're eating it right now, aren't you?" Rick tells her she's amazing, but it hardly takes Kreskin to figure out he's been chewing and swallowing the whole time. They wish each other a happy Thanksgiving and hang up. Rick smiles at Jessie and tells her the dinner is delicious.

Grace appears in the kitchen doorway, also in her pajamas, and groaning that she's going to be sick. Lily tells her she's not sick, she's just upset over what happened. Grace says no, she ate almost an entire box of chocolates that Barb gave to her and Zoe in secret. Lily gives her a big hug and says that was a silly thing to do, and Grace just raises her arm helplessly, like "what else can you do?" Hey, I can relate.

They head to Grace's room, where Zoe is bouncing on the bed. Grace crawls under the covers, and Lily hands her a glass of Alka Seltzer. Grace belches, which disgusts Lily but delights Zoe. Grace then asks if Lily really did change her mind about inviting Jake. Lily explains that sometimes it's hard for her to say no to her father. The kids can't believe that she's "scared" of Phil. She kisses them goodnight and, as she reaches the door, Grace asks if Lily hates Jake. Zoe says Lily acts as if she does most of the time. Lily thinks and then carefully says that she "could never really hate him, because he gave [her] both of [them]." They tell her to cut the crap and be honest, but Lily's got some of her mother in her whether she likes it or not, so she simply tells them that she's sorry, she knows it must seem like she's giving them pat answers sometimes. And that's it. She says, "Goodnight," and they chime in, "Don't let the bedbugs bite." I guess it's to demonstrate how predictable she is. But really, who couldn't see that coming?

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Once and Again




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