Once and Again

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And the Inquisition begins.

Grace blabs about the "Dad" and makes it clear by her attitude that she's not thrilled about Lily's boyfriend. Then Jake gets in the act, flatly saying he thought he told Phil. Lily, realizing she has no allies in this camp, heads into the dining room, where Judy is still having at the cherry pie. Seeing Lily, she groans, "Must. Stop. Eating." Barb trails Lily, saying that she's "really very hurt." Hypocrite. Then Barb the all-knowing starts telling Lily why she's seeing Rick: To get back at Jake for hurting her. She must not have gotten a good look at Rick through the kitchen blinds, or she'd really know why Lily's dating him. Lily shows amazing restraint and tries to walk away. Barb follows, and Judy tries to intercede, but Barb informs her it isn't about her. Judy plops sulkily at the table saying, "That's not exactly breaking news. It's never about me." Much as I hate a whiner, I suspect there's some truth in this statement.

Everyone else hovers in the doorway on the other side of the room. Jake pokes in his head to say good-bye to Barb. Lily orders Grace and Zoe upstairs. Grace refuses. A round of snapping ensues: Judy to Jake; Phil to Judy; Lily to Grace; Grace back at Lily; and finally, Lily to Barb. Barb says she doesn't care if Lily wants to hear her opinion of not (of course, she views her opinion more as the Truth). She starts to say that "with everything [Lily] has invested in this marriage --" "W-w-w-w-wait," Lily says, holding up her hands, "After all who's invested?" She turns to look directly at Jake, saying she's "so sick of all this because [she's] not the one who screwed up." Judy springs into action and tries to usher the kids out of the room. Zoe slips out, but Grace still refuses to budge. She and Lily have a standoff for a second, but then Grace caves. "Fine!" she snaps, "Like I don't know what's going on." Actually...you don't, and I think the plan is to keep it that way. Grace storms out. Once she's gone, Phil turns to Lily and says, "Elizabeth!" very sternly. She tells her parents that they don't see Jake for what he really is, and starts to say, "the fact that he could just take [their] money..." Barbara moves around to the other side of the table while Lily says this, and now the three amigos present a united front. Phil says he doesn't care about the money, and Lily continues talking as though she didn't hear him, saying, "No explanation...just helps himself." Jake tells her that he and Phil have an understanding. "Oh, like we did?" Zzzing. The stinging rebuke has little effect on Jake, who's wearing his Teflon suit of oblivion, as usual. He says he's going to pay back Phil with interest. "Chya," Lily responds, rolling her eyes. Phil tells Lily that he's doing this for her and then turns to Jake, saying, "You don't owe anyone an explanation, son." He may as well have reached over and slapped his daughter in the face. Lily shrieks, "Stop calling him that!"

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Once and Again




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