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The show opens as Lily and her brood trek through the grocery store in search of all the fixin's for Thanksgiving dinner. Minus the stuffing, of course. Why? Because Lily's mother, a.k.a. Barb, a.k.a. Grammy, "is insane," as Judy points out. Lily explains that Barbara likes to keep her recipe a secret. "Along with any love she feels for [them]," Judy adds. Call me crazy, kids, but I get the distinct impression that we're in for a slightly dysfunctional family get-together. Grace tries to weasel a dinner invitation for Jake, and it seems like the subject has come up before. Zoe chimes in, too, and Lily tolerates their wheedling for about two-and-a-half seconds before closing the subject and simultaneously putting the kibosh on a package of goldfish crackers. Can't say I blame her on either count.

Cut to Rick's place, where the mood is definitely subdued. Eli is slumped in an armchair, reading. Yes, I did say reading. An actual book, even. Rick's sitting at the counter, poring over some papers. Jessie, meanwhile, is restless. She plops down on the arm of Eli's chair and wants to know "why everyone is so non-holidayish." Eli informs her, rather authoritatively, that "non-holidayish isn't a word." Hey, wait just a minute. When did he become such a mental giant? He leaves the room and Jessie turns her attention to Rick. She suggests that they bake something. He's listening... "Something Thanksgivingish." And she loses him. Jessie looks at him thoughtfully and asks what he's doing for Thanksgiving dinner. He says he's getting together with David, and Jessie's concerned that he's going to spend the holiday working. He assures her that they probably won't work. They'll go out for a bite and maybe catch a movie. She says it doesn't sound very festive, and he placates her by saying they'll get a "Thanksgivingish bite."

Meanwhile, Lily and the crew have returned home and are busy putting away the groceries. She and Judy look over the turkey and wonder if it isn't too much for six people. In hushed tones, Judy asks, "Unless you want to..." Grace overhears and pipes up, "Invite Daddy?" Mmm, no, for like, the eighteenth time. We're spared another why-because-I-said-so exchange when Zoe calls out, "There's a car parked in the driveway!" Judy, looking like she's just been called into the gyno's office, says "It's...showtime." Except it sounds more like "Bitch...showtime." Whatever that means.

In the driveway, Barb and Phil are climbing out of their big old-people sedan and pulling out their bags. Grace and Zoe run to greet them, and Phil exclaims, "Would you look at these schmendricks?" I have no idea what it means, but I'm sure it's all good. Barb admonishes him to watch his back as he lifts Zoe into the air. Lily and Judy come out together, presenting a united front but smiling widely. Phil shouts, "Look at you! Look at you!" And as he reaches Lily, it's clear he wasn't using "you" in the collective sense. He cries, "Look at her!" Poor Judy. She takes it in stride, though, joking, "Never mind her -- look at me." Phil tells them they're both beautiful and MWAH, there are smacky kisses all around. Barbara, meanwhile, has pulled out the gifts she brought the kids: lanyard kits. For those of you who don't know, a lanyard is a rope used in sailing. Of course, lanyard kits are the last thing these two kids want or need, but that's the whole point: Old people give the crappiest presents. It warms the heart to see that ageist stereotypes are alive and well, doesn't it?

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Once and Again




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