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Forgive me if the recap seems a little distracted. Some jerk-ass vandalized my car, and it's put a bit of a damper on my day. That said, let's go.

The show opens in Eli's room, where he's griping to Rick about the injustice of a society that judges people based on numbers. He's referring to the SATs as opposed to, say, salaries. Rick's not exactly sympathetic. Eli passionately points out that the whole idea of standardized testing is "racist." It may very well be, but last time I checked, Eli was an upper-middle-class white boy from the 'burbs, so it hardly lets him off the hook. Rick's the voice of The Man, telling him it's just the way it is. Eli snarkily wonders if that means Rick would love him more if he got higher scores. Rick warns him to "not even go down that road -- it's a dead end and [Eli] knows it." ["Is that a 'yes'?" -- Wing Chun] Eli snaps that he doesn't know anything: "I'm stupid, remember? That's what the numbers say." Rick concedes that the SATs measure how well a person can take a test, but the bottom line is that the higher your score, the better your odds. "Of what?" Eli demands. "Of things turning out the way you want them to," Rick says, somehow mistaking SAT scores for fairy dust. "And when was the last time that happened?" Eli smart-asses. Rick pauses, then decides it's wise to change tactics. He assures Eli that he's smarter than his SATs reflect. Eli wonders if maybe the scores really do reflect his ability. Rick keeps trying to encourage him, telling him that he "can see things [Eli] can't." "Dad-O-Vision," Eli intones, mockingly.

"Numbers don't lie," we hear David saying, seemingly undermining Rick's argument and affirming that Eli is, in fact, as dim as his scores suggest. Luckily, David's talking to Rick at a coffee shop, well out of Eli's earshot. He's bitching about the fact that Miles hasn't paid for any of their work yet, and he points out that if it were any other client, they'd have taken action by now. Rick tries to placate David by stating the obvious: David has a problem with it because he doesn't like Miles. David suggests that he would like Miles if he actually paid a bill once in a while. Rick insists that Miles does pay, and David insists he doesn't -- not since May, anyway. Rick tries to calm David by saying that the building is a huge commitment, and likens it to a wedding. Running with the analogy, David states that if it were a wedding, he'd say "the bride's getting cold feet." Miles in a wedding gown? I love it. David suggests that they push Miles to go to the permit stage. "Put up or shut up?" Rick demands. "What do you think he's going to say to that?" "Well, that depends on the size of his checkbook, doesn't it?" David says. Hey, David, you've got a little something on your chin. I think it's foreshadowing. He says that if Rick won't push Miles to commit, he will. "I know you will," Rick says.

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