Once and Again
My Brilliant Career

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My Brilliant Career

As the credits fade, we find ourselves staring at a giant eye encircled by a ring of glowing white neon. The camera pans back, and I realize that I'm not, thankfully, having some Dr. Who flashback. We've got a front-row seat as Lily applies her eyeliner while chaos swirls around her. It's morning in the Manning house, and each person is armed with her own agenda. Zoe's hollering that she needs help with her globe. Don't ask me. Lily informs the girls that she could use some help, asking if they remember their first day at school. Zoe, now standing next to Lily, says she sure does -- she threw up. Lily tells her that today is kind of like her first day of school, and I think we can guess what happens next. Zoe asks if that means she's going to throw up, and Lily banters that she won't, as long as her girls behave "perfectly." Zoe offers to get her a "vomit bag." Ba-dum-dum.

Grace comes into Lily's room as Zoe leaves. She heads for the full-length mirror -- there's only about fifty mirrors in Lily's room, surprise, surprise -- and starts fidgeting with her eyelashes using one of those teeny eyelash combs. Lily, still distracted by her own visage, prattles on about dinner, and Grace says she and Zoe should make dinner to celebrate Lily's first day on the job. Lily gets up and turns to Grace, saying, "That is so. Incredibly. Sweet. Of you," like an engine running out of steam. She's been stunned almost to the point of speechlessness by the sight of Grace's face, which is sporting a rather heavy layer of purple goo around the eye area. Either Grace is going for the sultry look, or she fell face-first on a couple of sledge-hammers. Lily asks the obvious: Is Grace wearing eyeshadow? Without waiting for a response, she immediately tells her to wash it off. Grace wants to know why. I assume it's because Lily's not thrilled at the thought of her kid hitting the street looking like a two-dalla 'ho, and her response pretty much confirms it. She tells Grace it's much too much, and anyway, since when does Grace wear makeup to school? "Since today," snots the Purple Wonder. Lily tells her she doesn't have time for this crap and adds that Grace can talk about it in therapy someday.

Lily heads into Zoe's room to make the bed. Zoe offers up some "kids say the darndest things" advice that just comes off as macabre to me: Lily should tell everyone at work that her father just died because then they'll be nice to her. They'll know how "fragile" she is. She speaks from experience -- it's been working for her all week at school. Oddly, this mention of her father (and the suggestion that she exploit him) doesn't elicit anything more than a chuckle from Lily. Didn't her father die, like, a week ago? I'm not saying she should be angry or offended or anything. I just happen to know that such things tend to lead to fits of tears and sobbing.

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Once and Again




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