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Okay, before we get started this week, I think it might be a good idea to prepare a little, since this episode's all about Wannabe, and we don't want anyone pulling an eye muscle from rolling too hard. So all together: look left, right, up, and down. Left, right, up, and down. Good. Now remember, if at any time, the pain gets to be too much, I want you to stop, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that she's almost gone.

We open in Rick's apartment, where he's busily emptying his bookshelves into cardboard boxes. Jessie slides into the room on her socks, with Eli right behind, as Rick asks whether they're packed yet. Jessie says she almost is, and then rats out Eli for not having started. Rick nags that they have to start moving stuff to Lily's today. Eli insists that it'll take him "like, two seconds." Oh, I've made that mistake before. And when I kept the movers waiting on moving day, they thanked me by breaking my couch and my microwave. The bastards. Jessie's face clouds a little, and she snuggles up to Rick on a box, asking if he's feeling better. Touched, he assures her that he is. She asks, "And they can't do anything else to you now, right?" Aside from sleeping with your ex-wife, that is. Rick promises that the nightmare is totally over. He pats Jessie's hand and looks at her adoringly. Eli breaks the fuzzy moment with a question about whether he should pack the toaster. Rick figures that Lily probably has one, so they'll just give one of them away. Eli playfully asks what if Lily likes her toaster, and they like their own toaster, and then there's this huge small-appliance impasse? "Yeah, what then?" Jessie chirps. Eli bites back a smirk. Eli and Rick banter a bit more and wind up play-wrestling while Jessie laughs and shrieks in protest. As they calm down, Rick mentions that he ran into the mother of one of Eli's classmates, and that she said her kid got accepted at State. Eli's immediately defensive. He says hasn't heard anything yet. His eyes get all shifty, and with his finger-in-a-socket hair, he looks just like a cornered hedgehog. He retreats to the safety of the kitchen as the phone rings and distracts Rick.

"Help," Lily whines when Rick answers. He asks what's up, and she moans, "Everything." She plucks an envelope out of a basket on the table in front of her and studies it, asking if he remembers whether they put "the little maps to the house" in with the wedding invitations. She's worried that they didn't. Rick promises that he'll take care of it. "You will?" she asks, sounding a little surprised. He asks if she likes her toaster. She emphatically assures him, "I love my toaster! Why?" "No reason." Wah wah. Lily asks whether Jessie is going to come over later to try on her dress. Rick relays the question to Jessie, who's propped up on the counter peeling a banana. Peeling a banana. She's eating! Of her own accord! That's good, right? Jessie freezes and shoots Rick a warning look. Rick smiles and tells Lily that Jessie is coming over after school, "and she's looking forward to it." Grace plops next to Lily at the table and passes her a wallet. As Lily hands Grace a bill from it, Grace graciously offers, "Those dresses are hideous." Uh, pretty sure that money wasn't for your opinion, sunshine. Just take your handout and run along, ingrate. Lily's about to snark a reply, but Zoe pipes up from the background that she likes them: "They're romantic." Grace makes a disparaging remark while rolling her eyes. Lily rests her forehead against her hand and wearily asks when Rick's moving in. As if that will somehow lessen the chaos around her. He says, "Any day now." Lily gets a beep and puts Rick on hold.

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