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Previously on O and A: Rick dumps Lily's cheatin' ass after she confesses that she slept with Jake, leaving us to wonder: Is it really over?

After the very emotive theme song, the show begins with a moody interior shot of rain pouring down a windshield. Parents are dropping off their kids at school, and the camera pans to Rick's profile. He's busy staring open-mouthed at an Explorer parked up ahead. Eli's rambling on at him from the passenger seat, but since Rick's tuning him out, we don't get to hear much of what he's talking about either. The woman with the Explorer looks like Lily from the back, but when she turns we see it's not her. "Dad!" Eli's voice cuts through the reverie and brings Rick crashing back to earth. Rick apologizes and asks Eli what he was saying. Eli explains that Jennifer signed him up for tutoring, which he clearly isn't happy about, and Rick says absently, "Oh, that's good."

Cut to Lily sitting inside her truck where the scene basically mirrors the one that just occurred between Rick and Eli. Lily's staring into her rear view mirror, distracted, as Grace blathers on about signing up to tutor, so she'll be late, and she doesn't need a ride. (Can anyone see where this is going yet?) Just like Eli, she too must yank her parent back to reality by snapping "Mom! Who are you looking for?"

Before Lily can supply the painfully obvious answer, however, we cut to black-and-white Grace, who says, "It's obvious she broke up with him. You can tell --" She's interrupted by black-and-white Zoe, who does some odd little deer leap across the screen while exclaiming, "You can tell by her clothes!" Black-and-white Grace disdainfully rolls her eyes and says, "You can tell by her clothes, but it was obvious even before she told us." Black-and-white Zoe pops up to explain: "Because the whole time she was going out with him, she was wearing her prettiest clothes of ever! And then all of a sudden--" Grace cuts in with: "And every time the phone rings, you can see her, like, hoping that it'll be--" "The Dad," Zoe chimes in. Grace, actually looking sympathetic says, "Only it never is."

Back in the Explorer, Grace has a little less patience for her mother. Frustrated, she tells Zoe to repeat everything for Lily and then bolts from the car wearing a hat that looks like it should be covered with beer caps and fishing lures. Hey, whatever grinds your gears.

Cut to Lily and Jake in the mediator's office, where they're listening to her speak. They're seated next to one another, but their body language is screaming "get away from me." Jake's legs are bouncing up and down like a Chihuahua on speed. The mediator makes clear her neutral position and reminds them that they spent sixteen years making decisions together, implying that they can handle cooperating just a little while longer. Sure. If she weren't pregnant, I'd suspect she was riding a Valium cloud. Then again, it is her first time meeting this pair. Jake, of course, is all wrapped up in how much the mediation is going to cost and seems mildly placated when she assures him it's much cheaper than going through lawyers. She hands both of them a stack of homework - financial statements and assessments to fill in -- and Lily's expression makes it clear that the task is bewildering. The mediator asks about their assets, and Jake lists them briefly but says he doesn't know their value. Lily pipes up to say that there's a lien on the restaurant, but true to form,Jake dismisses the statement by saying "Yeah, we're taking care of that." The end result of all this talking is that Lily and Jake have to get the house and businesses appraised, and they'll need a forensic accountant to go over their accounts. Jake goes for the obvious joke: "Forensic? It sounds like an autopsy." That's right Chuckles, your marriage is dead, remember?

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Once and Again




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